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Dear Michael Vick: Your Champion Is Dead

Dear Michael Vick: Your Champion is Dead,

Mike, just thought you’d like to know that on June 19th of this year, your Grand Champion Fighting Dog, Lucas, finally succumbed to the disease he was infected with during his time fighting for you. You should be happy to know that his new caregivers and family did all they could to save him, but his suffering was too much so in the most humane, painless way, they granted him his final peace. They think he was about 13 at the time, but I guess you would know better than anyone.

You should also be pleased to hear that despite your efforts to turn this beautiful dog into a monster, he was actually found to be the most loving of all the dogs rescued and rehabilitated from Bad Newz Kennels, thus proving that even those deemed the worst in our society, can still be rehabilitated. Ironically enough, Lucas’ life speaks to your ongoing plight for forgiveness. Who knows, maybe there is hope for you after all.

I’m just curious Mike, what were your experiences with Lucas? Did you know that he was such a cuddle bug and loved affection? Did you ever take him for walks or let him ride in your expensive cars with you, or did he spend all his time in a crate and the ring? Did you ever get any cute pictures of him as a puppy, or could you not stand to see the bloody sight of him after you made him fight? Did you even know him or remember him at all? I must admit, I wish I would have had the honor of petting Lucas and thanking him for being such a good boy.


I heard you got permission to have another dog for your kids. Tell me Mike, how is the little guy doing? I never see pictures posted nor do I hear about his happiness in your care. I would think you would want to show the world how you have changed for the better. I hope and pray he is well. Your ex-girlfriend is writing a tell-all about her decade with you. She says you let your parrot starve to death. I can’t say I’m surprised, after all, how’s a parrot going to make you any money.

Well, I guess that is all for now, Mike. Just thought you may be interested in knowing that even though you probably planned to hang Lucas once he lost his first fight, he ended up having a great life with Best Friends Animal Society. My heart is saddened to read of the death of your champion, but his life speaks boldly of the magic of love, forgiveness and rehabilitation. His life even speaks to my heart about forgiving others, especially you. But I’m still working on that one.

If there is even a drop of humanity in you at all, your heart should smile at his life and recovery. You bred and raised one of the greatest ambassadors for the breed in our lifetime, and for that, I guess in a way I should thank you.


For Dora – For Bucket – For Bella – For Pumpkin and all my other babies. I love you all and I will never stop fighting for you!