Dear Michael Vick: Your Champion Is Dead

Dear Michael Vick: Your Champion is Dead,

Mike, just thought you’d like to know that on June 19th of this year, your Grand Champion Fighting Dog, Lucas, finally succumbed to the disease he was infected with during his time fighting for you. You should be happy to know that his new caregivers and family did all they could to save him, but his suffering was too much so in the most humane, painless way, they granted him his final peace. They think he was about 13 at the time, but I guess you would know better than anyone.

You should also be pleased to hear that despite your efforts to turn this beautiful dog into a monster, he was actually found to be the most loving of all the dogs rescued and rehabilitated from Bad Newz Kennels, thus proving that even those deemed the worst in our society, can still be rehabilitated. Ironically enough, Lucas’ life speaks to your ongoing plight for forgiveness. Who knows, maybe there is hope for you after all.

I’m just curious Mike, what were your experiences with Lucas? Did you know that he was such a cuddle bug and loved affection? Did you ever take him for walks or let him ride in your expensive cars with you, or did he spend all his time in a crate and the ring? Did you ever get any cute pictures of him as a puppy, or could you not stand to see the bloody sight of him after you made him fight? Did you even know him or remember him at all? I must admit, I wish I would have had the honor of petting Lucas and thanking him for being such a good boy.


I heard you got permission to have another dog for your kids. Tell me Mike, how is the little guy doing? I never see pictures posted nor do I hear about his happiness in your care. I would think you would want to show the world how you have changed for the better. I hope and pray he is well. Your ex-girlfriend is writing a tell-all about her decade with you. She says you let your parrot starve to death. I can’t say I’m surprised, after all, how’s a parrot going to make you any money.

Well, I guess that is all for now, Mike. Just thought you may be interested in knowing that even though you probably planned to hang Lucas once he lost his first fight, he ended up having a great life with Best Friends Animal Society. My heart is saddened to read of the death of your champion, but his life speaks boldly of the magic of love, forgiveness and rehabilitation. His life even speaks to my heart about forgiving others, especially you. But I’m still working on that one.

If there is even a drop of humanity in you at all, your heart should smile at his life and recovery. You bred and raised one of the greatest ambassadors for the breed in our lifetime, and for that, I guess in a way I should thank you.


For Dora – For Bucket – For Bella – For Pumpkin and all my other babies. I love you all and I will never stop fighting for you!



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  1. Sick Vick should NOT be thanked for anything. It is not due to him that any of the dogs loving and good dogs, all he did was try to make them mean hard killers, but no matter how horrendously cruel that monster treated them, they remained loving, sweet dogs that only did what they were made to do by a very sick monster…….sick Michael Vick!!

    • joellen davis

      i agreee with you completely.

    • No, he deserves no tnx what so ever. Sarcasm at its best. For the obstacles Lucas over came at the hands of Vick didn’t stop him from letting go of the past and living the happy life he deserved with a loving family!

      • Amy, Lucas did indeed live a happy few years after his liberation from Vick, but he was never allowed to be adopted. By court order, he had to remain in sanctuary, & spent his last years at Best Friends. I guess, though, that you could call the staff & volunteers at Best Friends his family…

  2. It is a testament to the amazing spirit of the these dogs that beautiful lucas survived that vile vick. Yeah i am no where close to forgiving him. If he and i were in the same room i would throw my shoe at his ugly mug##

  3. Amen. Rest in Peace Sweet Angel. F.U. Michael Vick. You will NEVER have my forgiveness you no good prick. Once an animal abuser, always an abuser.

  4. Beautifully written, although quite heartbreaking….rest in peace, Lucas ❀

  5. this is just beautiful…..I wonder I Vick will ever read it….
    Lucas….run free, precious boy…..I DID find LOVE and CARE before leaving….


  7. Poor Lucas. At least he was able to know love and realize how special he was. Bless you for that. As for Vick-I still hope he rots slowly in hell!

  8. Trisha Shipley

    That was such a beautiful and poignant letter to Vick. I won’t waste my energy writing about him. Just know it doesn’t matter if he gives a public repentance for his evilness, GOD has an appointment with him one day. I will bless you and those who opened their hearts for these beautiful creatures and I thank you with all my heart.

    Lucas, beautiful boy, ambassador of all abused animals, bless you sweet baby. GOD is holding you now and giving as much love as your precious heart can hold.

  9. this was beautiful, thank you.

  10. I am so Happy to see this collage I made this morning for Lucas is making it’s way all around the Internet! I want people to see what a amazing boy he was and I want everyone to know his story! I love the letter! Well put! R.I.P Lucas we will continue to fight so no more have to go through what you did.

  11. RIP Lucas! You did good, unlike that good-for-nothing bastard M.V.!

  12. Poor baby. I’m so glad he was able to be cared for in the manner he had always deserved. I can’t believe that Vick got another chance to own a dog! He should be REQUIRED to post pictures daily so the world can rest easy knowing the dog is safe.

  13. Bonnie Marshall

    Michael Vick does NOT DESERVE forgiveness EVER.. the horrific things he was responsible for are unforgivable. Another LOSER of society., that got off far too easliy. His “big football herosim ” will never be over shadowed by his lack of humanity and respect for living creatures. I hope to meet him one day so I can tell him to his face just what a looser and pathetic excuse for mankind he represents.

  14. God bless these dogs, especially Lucas!!!

  15. Michelle L Tenuto

    Rip u beautiful baby. Sorry that your first human was a piece of s%%%. I’m glad u had a chance at a good life with your new family.

  16. To succeed is the greatest revenge, Lucas did just that. I can only hope that karma has a plan for Micheal Vick, I know I have one. RIP Lucas, I hope MV spends an eternity having nightmares about all that he has done.

    • Judy Minghini

      He probably never losses a moment of sleep over the things he has done, you have to have a heart and respect living creatures, which I think he has proved he does not! But I know in my heart he will answer one day, as we all will…

  17. I pray for the day vick dies. Hopefully it comes slowly and painfully.

    • Marquise Williams

      Comments like that paint you as a much worse person than Vick was in 2007 when all of this was happening. I hope that you are able to rehabilitate at least as much as he has since then in the coming years.

  18. Why did they allow him to get another dog? I heard one of his children witnessed the dog hanging. I hope they check on the dog frequently.

  19. I am so grateful this dog was given love after all the hell he was put through.. thank God there are loving decent people who pick up after the destruction that scum of the earth like Vick create!! Lucas may you rest in peace and cross the rainbow bridge… Vick may you rot in Hell.. you deserve NOTHING less!

  20. The only thing ill thank M vick for is when he drops dead!!!!

  21. Kristie Mullikin

    I like ur letter but why in hell r u saying thank u to that sob??? No way in hell would I. I forgive the dogs NOT him! He know what he was doing was wrong in so many ways & kept doing it for what?? To look & act cool. Well if he has to fight innocent dogs to look cool his is the biggest loser out there. I HATE anybody that has to or want to hurt dogs. Shit I use to watch football & like his team. Not know more. Plus idt them should have gave him his job back. Guess he paid them off. Haha what a loser. Yes MICHAEL VICK YOU ARE A LOSER! I wished all ur gorgeous pit bulls would have all turned against u! Now that I would have paid all the money in the world to see!

  22. I volunteered at a shelter were pit bulls were taken care of after a dog fighting was broken.These dogs were super even the champion fighter I was able to feed him treats and he took them so kindly

  23. Michael Vick is a horrendous, sick, disgusting piece of crap who obviously hates animals and only used these beautiful dogs for money and status among his other sick, disgusting friends. He is one of the reasons pit bulls are so discriminated against when they are kind, loving pets. Vick should never ever be allowed to have another animal. He has no respect for their life, their hearts, and souls.

  24. Precious Lucas & all the other Vick dogs deserve to see the day a true vigilante give’s that fowl piece of crap what he deserves.
    Rest in piece sweet boy & know his day will come, I have no doubt.

  25. i can see what your plan was. but it would be a cold day in hell before i would ever give that pos any credit for lucas or any of the other vicktory dogs. and i would be willing to bet my life if any part of him smiled it was because he was dead. ijs

  26. Christie Wendling

    Sniffle sniffle! Well written! !

  27. Karlene R. Arment

    Vick is a sorry excuse for a human!

  28. RIP peace Lucas you were a pretty boy. He will go to heaven for sure . His life is better than MIke Vicks will ever be. He’s the winner go play Lucas run through the fields baby fi nd your sister and bothers and Moma. Peace to all dogs that have been victims to this sick abuse. And the abusers will not go free. Karma.

  29. Reblogged this on My Life. So Far. and commented:
    This totally brought tears to my eyes. I am so grateful that Lucas got to know love and happiness before he passed. Thank you to the family that adopted him and showed him love. What you gave him is a precious gift. You are angels!

    • sorry, Lucas was never able to be adopted. when the dogs went to Best Friends, the agreement was that Lucas would never be able to be adopted. the judge feared that simply by being sic vic’s former champion, he would never be safe from people who would want to further abuse him. it was feared that he would be stolen and fought again, or taken just so some punk could say the had the Bad Newz champion. or even that the pit bull haters of the world would track him down and hurt him.
      so he had to stay @ BF forever. he was so loved there, he met thousands of people. he received such loving care. its too bad that he could not have a family, but Lucas was a survivor…obviously, and for him, BF was heaven.
      i thank the judge for his wisdom in protecting Lucas that way. i think he was right. some low life waste of oxygen would have tried to get him, and what a tragedy that would have been.

      • That’s right… Well, technically his family were the people Best Friends, since they took him in and treated him as such,that’s what I meant to say! This story just has so many mixed emotions for me that I mixed my words up and didn’t edit properly. My bad!

      • so funny you should comment on that right now i just hung up the phone from talking w the former dogtown manager that is moving on to a new BF job. we were talking about a dog i have there at BF that i sent from my rescue…and then of course…since grief is so fresh…about Lucas.

        the thing is…for Lucas and dogs like him…BF is home. it is paradise in comparison to they came from. good beds, good food, every day. vet care. their own yards w people who do potty patrol every day so a dog doesnt have to lay chained in their own mess. caregivers who love and cuddle, sing, read and play every and never hurt them. trainers who teach the things they need to know to be who the should have been, who teach them not to fear.

        so, you were right in a sense…Lucas had a family. he loved them and they loved him. those who knew him, or even heard his story and who opened their hearts to him were enriched by the experience. our hearts are saddened by his passing, but in time, we will feel him again…just right behind us, patient at the bridge, always with us.

        i will see him again…i have no doubt.

      • πŸ™‚ You will definitely see him again. I look forward to the day when I get to meet him. I may not have gotten the chance to do that in this life, but his story and the story of all the other dogs that have had to suffer have inspired me to do something. To fight for the ones who cannot and to fight in memory of the ones who’ve suffered. Thank you for all that you do for these animals. I will forever be grateful.

      • i began pit bull rescue when in texas, while my husband was stationed there, in killeen. fighting dogs was just what the thugs and punks down there did. when vick was caught, they all talked about dog fighting as part of their culture and how the system was just trying to take down a positive black role model. i couldnt figure out if i had been beamed into hell, or the whole world had gone crazy.
        i have worked with like minded volunteers ever since. where ever i go, i find them. and where we are, we rescue. my life has never been the same. since the first time i saw a bait dog, and dogs who had been fought, my life has been dedicated to saving their lives, one at a time. i have seen the most courageous dogs, and the most cowardly people.
        i have seen people at their worst, and people at their best. i have gotten letters from folks with 3$ enclosed, and they say, “sorry i can only send this little amount, but we dont have much. i just want to help that poor dog”. i always tell them the same thanks as i do those who send me $500. and its true, Many $3 will get a dog to safety, just as well as one $500.

      • Wow. That’s amazing! Thank you for sharing your story with me. While I don’t own a pit bull myself, I love the breed. They are gorgeous, loyal and lovable. I rescued a mama pit a few months ago who I am certain was used for breeding. No idea what happened to her pups but given the fact that she didn’t seem depressed over not having her pups (she was full of milk!) I figured someone dumped her. Poor sweet girl. I am thankful that animal control and the shelter that she was taken to do euthanize unless its a medical need. I have thought of her every day since then. I have to say again, thank you for all that you do! It’s people like you that give me hope. πŸ™‚

      • t him i have 3 right now. my original, first rescue, the tiny bait dog…still only 45 pounds. missing more than 1/2 of one ear, cut off with scissors after a fight, scarred face and neck. all her canine teeth torn out. i took her from a man beating her in the street with a lead filled piece of garden hose. she had jumped and clawed her way out of a very small 6 foot tall fenced enclosure that reeked of feces and had no dog house, no platform or blanket, no where for her to lay. she was in that fence with no shade, no food, no water. she was eating dirty diapers from a garbage can on the street…she was so hungry. she had sores all over her body from mange, one of her eyes was infected and oozed pus down her face. she had maggots in a wound on her shoulder….thank god…or she would likely have been much sicker from infection in that wound. central texas has torrential downpours, high winds, nasty thunder and lightening storms and she was out there in all of them before i took her. she wasnt more than 6 months old.
        my male is 7 years old. i rescued him at 2. he lost a fight, and was left for dead….but he wasnt. when i got him, he had crawled a half mile from where he was left. he cost a lot to heal, took him to the vet that night, emergency. he tested positive for heart worm, had to cure that too. only then could i get him neutered. he has an auto immune disease that is very expensive to keep in remission. for the year it took to heal him, thugs were always interested in him when i walked him or took him out. the day i brought him home from being neutered….i walked him out so they would all know…they never asked again.
        my youngest was about 7 weeks when i rescued her. her kidneys were damaged because she ate only cat food when she was a pup…her people would not buy dog food because some one gave them cat food, and they needed to spend their money on drugs. cat food is way to acidic for dogs to eat. she has a pretty expensive drug regime too…
        i will always love this breed…there is no other like them.
        kiss bulls….

      • I do agree that the judge was right in protecting him for sure. And he definitely got to know love. And that is what matters most.

  30. stephanie johnston

    just out of curiosity,what disease was he “infected” with from fighting? I can’t think of any infectious disease that a dog would carry from a bite until they were 13 years old. unless it was an infectious disease of some other sort in which case this is misleading. i’m ecstatic he was rescued and rehabbed. i’m a bully rescuer myself and LOVE the breed. but i’m not about inaccurate propaganda for any cause. that’s counter productive. I personally think Michael vick should be in prison but we need to stay on point and maintain integrity.

    • Stephanie,

      Please see the blog written by his vet and caregiver here about the condition called “Babesia” which is caused by a parasite in fighting dogs.

      • ok, i see. being a vet myself i’m familiar with babesia. it can affect ANY dog around the world. it’s not caused by fighting but by tick infestation. however, vicks dogs were obviously not well cared for since they contracted this disease. and if poor lucas was never treated he probably suffered much from it. i’m happy that his days ended with love and care.

      • Hello!
        First time reader and I broke in tears reading this story! I have a deep soul for animals and I hate Vick for what that bastard did!! I have a pit and he is the most loyal, kindest soul ever!!! I read your story a half a dozen times, then went and posted in on his FB fan page several times!!! I hope that sick bastard reads it and thinks about what he has done!!!
        As we speak I am holding my pup and writing this!! Couldn’t ever imagine anyone doing anything to harm him. The world would stop for them on that day!
        Do you have a FB fan page? Somewhere were I can follow you.? I don’t do twitter or anything like that…

        Thank you again for writing such a heartfelt piece!!!

      • Ryan,

        You may find me on FB

        Thank you for your comment.

    • Stephanie, babesia can also be transmitted through dog bites, and certain breeds like staffies tend to be more susceptible to it.

  31. LUCAS…”one of the greatest ambassadors for the breed in our lifetime…” No, Michael Vick should NOT be thanked for anything. Thank YOU Lucas, for showing us that there is no such thing as an “unadoptable” dog. I’m so happy that you were able to love and be loved before you left. You’ve crossed the Rainbow Bridge…you’re happy and free…run Lucas, run and play forever!

  32. Donna Manierre

    I still hope Vick rots in HELL!!!

  33. I will always hate that piece of shi**

  34. It is a very good thing that I never run into this POS VERMIN I cannot promise that I would be a civilized human being if i were to be in the same room as him.

  35. i will never forgive him for what he has done, hes a horrible horrible person and shouldnt be aloud to see the sunlight or even the grass, He put those dogs thru hell and for that i will never, ever forgive him.

  36. I’ll forgive Vick when hell freezes over. Don’t hold your breath waiting on any remorse from him. The only thing he has ever been sorry for is that he got caught. Scumbag!

  37. RIP Lucas! Such a beautiful letter…. I never had the pleasure of meeting Lucas but I loved him non the less. I will fight beside you for these babies till the day u die.

  38. Your kind try to inspire hate and vicsiousness in your dogs, but what goes around will go around sir and I pray with all my might you get yours in the end. You attempted to destroy and break these dogs spirits but thank god their loving side perservered at the end for those rescued. Please know I hate you above all & want you really dead with alot of suffering involved.

  39. Linda Cusimano

    He has been allowed to have a dog? I truly don’t believe this.

  40. I don’t care if he does have children. He should not be allowed to even walk near another animal. What he did was torture innocent animals and in this case, I’d loved to have seen life in prison. Just because they are animals does not mean the pain they felt was not real. And the ones that died didn’t matter. They all mattered! My husband and father refuse to watch any football game with him playing in it. And we all think the NFL should be ashamed of letting him come back.

  41. Rest in peace, Lucas. Humans could learn a lot from your story. You were loved.

  42. i cried and cried when i read of Lucas dying. and then, i cried some more because of Ellen, another of sic vic’s dogs. she died last year of a similar wasting disease, also helped to cross the Rainbow Bridge by the caring vets at Best Friends.
    i follow the vicktory dogs, and i rescue pits. they are wonderful dogs for the RIGHT people, but they need a home where people are very dog savy and where they get plenty of attention and exercise. the pits that were rescued from sic vic are all heros/heroines.
    because of 1 judges decision to listen to the appeals of Best Friends, and other sanctuaries, they were not summarily destroyed, but were given the opportunity to be evaluated, each one on their own. and they proved what us pit bull lovers/rescuers have known forever….fighting is not their natural habit, and…even more….they can recover.
    given time, patience and good care, good food and love….their true nature can return. i am positive that sic vic never touched one of those dogs with love in his heart. i know this, because if he had any love in his heart, he would never have done this in the first place.
    to those who say he paid the price, and he has repented….i say bullpucky. not even close. if he repented, he would have knelt before those dogs, and all those who have worked so hard to heal them and begged their forgiveness. he would live in a modest home, drive a modest car, and send every penny he makes to care for them. he would hire a person whose entire job would be to handle bills for care, vets, beds, toys and kibble for each of them….and he would personally sign each check.
    he got off easy. instead of running and playing football, he should be in a wheelchair with a debilitating and painful muscle wasting disease.
    but…instead what will happen is that the vicktory dogs will be loved and remembered as champions forever for their loving hearts and amazing courage, while sic vick will reviled and remembered only as an incredibly cruel, heartless and self centered loser.
    Run Free Beautiful Lucas. Ellen must have been so happy to see you again. Give all my gone on pitties my love, and tell them I have never forgotten any of them. I will see you all at the Bridge…in a world that sic vic will never enter- even in his dreams.

  43. I was blessed to have known Lucas. He was a sweet gentle soul. His face showed the scars of his past but he overlooked that and loved everyone. I will never forget Lucas and all the Vicktory Dogs, they have taught us forgiveness although I still need more lessons….I will never forgive Vick. Great letter, I would imagine that if Vick ever reads it he will crudely laugh. That’s what a psychopath would do. RIP Lucas and thank you Best Friends.


  45. RIP Lucas, I’m so sorry you were placed with a monster =(

  46. RoseMarie Digilio

    ❀ R ❀ I ❀ P ❀ LUCAS ❀ at least in your final months you experienced what it was like to be TRULY LOVED & CARED ABOUT ❀

  47. I in no way, shape or form condone what this man did. But it’s still going on, it’s still happening, right under our very noses. People are still fighting dogs, the dogs are still hurting and dying and in pain and what’s more, ‘they’ are getting away with it. I won’t even pretend to call them human, to call them ‘people’ because they are not. But we need to help these dogs now. Please find it in yourselves to maybe not forgive Michael Vick but to turn your anger and your hatred into something positive and speak for the dogs that are still out there that need our help, not our hurt. We all hurt. But we can do more good together by having a positive focus with an undercurrent of hurt and pain than we could by letting this one unforgiving event eat our soul away and be useless when it counts most.

  48. bless Lucas’ family, sick Vic should be bled and fed to some real nice animals, toyed with and torn up like the dogs saved from him had been, eye for an eye ya know!

    • babesia is a tick borne disease that becomes a blood borne disease in dogs. many fighting dogs have it because many of them live in horrible conditions outside where ticks are able to prey on them. dog fighters dont waste money on preventative care like heart worm, flea and tick protection. dogs pass it to other dogs in the course of fighting, as they combine infected blood and saliva. it is a terrible disease, somewhat controllable, but, eventually fatal. Lucas lived with it so long because he had the best vet care that money could buy. a number of the vicktory dogs have it. a year ago Ellen died in a similar manner. btw, people can get babesia, and it is likely the only punishment i would ever think adequate for sic vic.

    • mary,

      Best Friends was Lucas’ family. he was ordered by court never to be able to leave there.

  49. Michael Vick…You are a Vile, despicable, repulsive, SCUMBAG…THE JUDGE may have let you off the hook and allowed you a get a dog….but you haven’t paid your debt to the Dog World! You still owe a lot of Karma! What a waste of air!

  50. Michael Vick doesn’t care about this dog or the dog he has now. You can thank the SPCA for allowing him to own a pet. Had it been anyone else they would have banned for life from owning a dog. But Vick pumped a lot of money into the SPCA and the SPCA sold out the dogs they had a duty to protect. Let’s all keep donating to the high kill SPCA.

    • It was HSUS that embraced Vick and recommended he be allowed to get a dog. HSUS also wanted Lucas and all the dogs confiscated from Vick to be killed because they couldn’t be rehabilitated.

  51. I am SO happy to see this collage I made for Lucas making its way around! Everyone should know this amazing boys story!!!!

  52. A lot but not all of the Vick dogs at Best Friends were able to be adopted but only after years of therapy and intensive one-on-one retraining. They had to learn how to become normal dogs that play with balls or walk on a leash. The ones that couldn’t be adopted were so frightened, depressed and destroyed that they just could not leave the pain behind them and start anew. Thank goodness that Best Friends was there to help them and will continue to be there for them until they are adopted or pass away. Bless these brave dogs and all animals that suffer from abuse and neglect. I am sure Michael Vick has a reserved a special seat on the karma bus and it is going to be a very bumpy ride. His money won’t mean a thing then.

  53. God will take care of him he will suffered at the end the worst kind of way we won’t know are hear about it…if he won’t he will see it in he’s kids. Karma is a powerful thing and it come around on your love ones.

    • how can you suggest God will make him suffer, and then say that Karma will get him too? These are two opposing religious views. Christianity makes no mention of Karma. But it does suggest anyone who repents will be forgiven, and that judgement is for God alone, not anyone else.
      Don’t use the bible to push your point of view if you can’t quote it properly.

  54. I do not like addressing this MONSTER “Dear..” He should not be allowed to have any animals.. Sometimes, I really wonder about judges….

  55. Beautiful but heartbreaking letter. I really would like to be able to forgive Vick but in order to be forgiven, I feel he must feel remorse for the unforgivable deeds he committed. And even then, if that were to ever happen, I’m still not sure I could. One look into the innocent faces that he tried so hard to destroy and the ones that he did, and any ounce of forgiveness is vanished.
    RIP Lucas. I hope all your memories were only of the last good years you had. Run free and healthy sweetie.

  56. Beautiful heartbreaking letter this is so true MV kids will eventually learn what their father did Not something they should look up to as a role model I would say Actually feel sorry for those kids that their father was a MURDERER

  57. A lovely and important testimony to the true resilience of Our Breed. Rest in Peace dear Lucas. You were born a Champion long before those who abused you got hold of you.

  58. What a beautiful tesimony to an obviously very loved friend of yours. And I hope to god that Karma bites Vick in the ass…HARD

  59. Cyndi Harper Farnham

    Please reread your comments here….there is an awful lot of hatred in the hearts of your responses. It is not up to you to forgive Michael Vick….nor is it up to you to judge him. You want him to pay for what he did but do you really have any idea what penalties he did pay? Where do you think the funds came from to built the beautiful facilities at Best Friends to house Michael Vick’s dogs for their entire lives or until they could be rehabilitated? What was done to those dogs while in his care was horrible but I’ve never known a dog to hold a grudge like some of you seem to doing. Move on! He didn’t know better….now he does! RIP Lucas…….

    • Cyndi,

      Thank you for your reply and info. You seem to have 1st hand information on this. Did or do you work with/at Best Friends? Do you know Mike personally? How are you privy to this information? If in fact he did support Best Friends as you stated, that should be shared with the world! Is his PR team on vaca or something?

      Furthermore, many have much to say to this man and may never get the chance. I’ll allow them their interim release here.

      But I do not hold a grudge, hence the part of my letter that referenced Lucas’ life speaking to Mike’s plight for forgiveness. If in fact what you say is true, he should be sharing that world to see. I hope it is, that would be wonderful!

      But I do not agree that he didn’t know any better. He knew what he was doing was illegal. The fact that he was a superstar athlete with millions and still felt the need to endorse a barbaric practice of torture and murder of innocent animals for money, paints a horrible picture most will never forget. No matter how much money he has paid for facilities, that is not indicative of true repentance and a changed heart for the better. Now if I saw him at his local shelter cleaning out poopy dog crates, kissing the face of a dog healing after being rescued from a fight, or starting a non-profit for the education or avocation of rescue, minds may start to change. I would love nothing more than to see his life’s story change from killer to saint. He’d be a modern day King Saul.

      Now that’s a legacy!

      • Cyndi Harper Farnham

        That info was shared with the world and there was a TV show televised from Best Friends sharing the stories of the individual dogs and their recoveries. The employees that worked with the dogs were also televised and interviewed. Many volunteers from Las Vegas (where I was living at the time) went to Utah to help and learn at Best Friends. Michael Vick was in prison at that time but they televised the massive amount of money Vick was court ordered to pay for the care and upkeep of each and every dog that was allowed to go there. They also showed the beautiful facilities that were constructed to house these dogs for the duration of their lives. I am thrilled to know that any one of them could live out a full life to the age of 13 in such a wonderful place surrounded by loving, knowledgeable volunteers. I’m very surprised you don’t know this.

      • No, I didn’t know that nor did I see that in the many subsequent documentaries I watched on the case. I’m glad some of his hard earned money went to the care of dogs like Lucas and others, but a court-ordered payout does translate to remorse or repentance on his part, which is what those that continue to harbor ill feelings toward him, need to see.

    • Best Friends did not receive one dime from Vick. It was myself and all the other hundreds of thousands members that paid for their care. I have been traveling to Best Friends for 13 years and have discussed this with the founders, I know first hand that he did not contribute a dime. They did not take on the dogs for monetary gain, they did it to prove to the world that these dogs could be rehabbed and they did it.
      The Eagles donated $50,000 to HSUS, Vick never donated his personal money to any animal group. Although I don’t like Vick, I live in the Phila area and watch and read all his interviews since his was convicted. I educated myself reading court documents and his follow up. Please don’t say things that are not true. My money is what helps the animals at Best Friends…not Vicks. I too have watched the Dogtown Series and it never said Vick donated a dime. The holding area for the Vicktory Dogs was a temporary isolated area on the property and after much work, they were integrated into the sanctuary among the other dogs in all different areas. Rumors like this are annoying, he did not pay a dime to help these dogs.

    • He didn’t know better??? REALLY??????? My 6 year old knows better than to abuse an animal!!! Excuses Excuses!!! He is a SICK person!!!!! And he should have to pay millions to help these dogs, it’s the least he could do… but I hear that he did not even do that!

  60. Please don’t get me wrong, I am a dog lover, I have 3 a beautiful yellow lab, an akida mix, and a llasa apsa. All 3 boys, all 3 yrs and younger, all very precious. In reading this it upsets me, you people are just as malicious as you believe Vick is. He made a mistake, served his time, how do we know he is not a changed man? Even then, even if he isn’t, isn’t that between himself and God? You people have to learn to let go ad let God, you are letting the hatred and feelings for Vick stand between you and a relationship between you and God. I am praying for you all. God bless!
    1 Cor. 1:26-31

  61. I’m so glad that Lucas found true love by humans before he reached Rainbow Bridge. We have 2 pitty recues and a boxer/pit mix rescue. All are absolutely wonderful pups and members of our family. P.S. to all the haters, we also have toddlers!!!

  62. I am so grateful this dog was given love after all the hell he was put through.. Lucas may you rest in peace and cross the rainbow bridge… Vick may you rot in Hell.. you deserve NOTHING less and will never be forgiven!!!

  63. R.I.P. sweet boy! ❀ I for one will NEVER forgive M.V. because he doesn't deserve it. He is a horrible human being.

  64. I believe there is sarcasm in β€˜forgiveness’ that is directed at MICHAEL VICK, of the Philadelphia Eagles NFL player!

    However, I’m very happy that Lukas (and his fellow canines), found a good home, and in his last years found the love and respect any animal deserves.

  65. That was a beautiful letter, crying while reading it. So very sorry that he had a very hard life but was able to find care and love. Did hear that Vick got a “pet” for his children, but nothing else since then. The poor thing probably died. As for Vick, hope he rots here on earth and in hell! RIP Lucas, xx.

  66. This is astonishing. I’m really saddened that this is what the human race has come to be. All of you are so morally superior, and free of sin. None of you are completely innocent. Yet you want to dwell on something that happened years ago. It’s not like he’s still committing crimes on a daily basis. You’re upset because he broke a law, but in the eyes of the law he has paid the penalty for that. He could’ve run away post prison, hidden out in some big city and never been heard from again. But he stood up, faced the public, and the rest of the people like yourselves who would make hateful comments and suggest he’d be better of if he were subjected to physical harm by you, which you’d deliver if given half the chance. Is that the message you want to send to our kids? To seek to physically harm people, to be cold, unforgiving, to judge, to spread a message of hate and violence?
    An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind…remember that. And remember too that one day you yourself may be seeking the forgiveness and compassion you have so readily dismissed Mike.

    • I really like your perspective, Jim. You are right, an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Jesus went to the cross for Mike Vick too. I pray that he use his positioning to blow the world away with a complete turn-around of his life. Can you imagine, MV spearheading a movement against dog fighting?!? How fantastic would that be! He has the opportunity to do just that! As a publicity professional and dog rescuer, I would give anything to help him do just that.

      • He’s already done that. Vick has been touring the country and making videos speaking for the Humain Society against dog fighting – at his own expense, along with a million dollar restitution for his old dogs.

      • I’ve worked quite a while in rescue and have never seen any of these videos nor heard of this at all. If it is true, again, his PR team needs to get on the ball.

      • Please read and see that not everyone is beyond redemption. If the humane society and MV have been working together and a man has paid a price and has tried to make amends, are we correct in our thoughts that are equally as evil? Our job on this earth is to love each other, let God hand out the judgements in the end.


  67. Rosemary Bracco

    Everyone says not to give a murderer any attention by mentioning their name.We all know who we are referring to and I will NOT name him.He would still be involved if he didn’t get found out.He was noy sorry about any of it just that he got caught.My daughter is involved with a dog rescue and I cannot listen to the heartbreaking stories about ogs mostly pitbulls.A lot of people. hdon’t even have respect for anyone,let alone a dog.

    • Rosemary Bracco

      Sorry about my letter above and bad typing.Something is wrong with my keypad.Couldn’t correct it before I sent it.

  68. Instead of throwing all these monsters in a cage we should make them fight to the death just like they did to these poor babies! I don’t care if it is inhumane or not and a little jail time isn’t going to turn Michael around. These people are sick and do this for entertainment! Turn the tables and make them fight for their freedom. Lets see how many go back to this “sport”.

  69. I used to do dog rescue at Penisula SPCA in Newport News VA. I witnessed many young pit bulls come in all tore up and cowering scared to death. Sadly these dogs were classified as fight dogs even though it was obvious they were victims. Most or all of them were put to sleep immediately. I hate Vick with a passion. Those poor dogs may or may not of been from his kennel but I know in my heart he’s as guilty as sin. Put him back in prison where he belongs.

  70. I cried like a baby.. but thank you for loving this dog and giving him love………….. that is all I can say I am lost for words and tears in my eyes…

  71. like Michael Vick cares…he never cared then…he doesn’t care now…the fact that people look at this piece of scum as a “role model” ort “hero” sickens me beyond words..if he died tomorrow I would celebrate!!

  72. What a wonderful epitath to a beautiful soul. R.I.P Lucas

  73. Perfectly said. Thank you.

  74. Vick will always be a scum as far as I’m concerned. If he knew he wouldn’t get caught, he would be right back fighting dogs and killing them. He has no heart. Thank You to all who have taken his fighting dogs and showed them true love and the meaning of Love. You will be blessed.

  75. David Edwards

    I love pit bulls and that’s all I ever own. best dogs ever. Their loyalty protects my son. but I want to give Vick a chance to step into the fight world he controlled. I want him to step in a cage with ME and get a taste of cage fighting first hand. I’ll break his jaw and both arms and ask him how it feels to be the victim.

  76. Michael Vick should still be in jail.

  77. Beautifully written and feelings expressed are those of many of us. Will not give ‘him’ further do, as I will not even say his name. Bless the dogs and the people that care for them.

  78. Michael is an awful human being. He is an adult and knows the difference between right and wrong. He should receive the same treatment he gave his DOGs. He’s an a$$hole.

  79. This man should not be allowed to own another animal ever again.

  80. I will NEVER forgive him……….. I hope and pray his new dog is treated better.

  81. At one time I harbored a lot of hate in my heart for Michael Vick…but one day, as I looked into the eyes of one of his former dogs I realized that Oscar wasn’t wasting one breath, one thought on Michael Vick He was totally living in the moment, and his moment was made up of dog treats and stuffies ready to be destroyed. If Oscar (or Squeaker, Layla, Ray, Cherry, Little Red, Lucas, Merle, Tug, Denzel, Mya, Curley, Mel, Halle, Georgia, Handsome Dan, Oliver, Ellen, and the rest)wasn’t wasting his time hating Vick, why should I? Actually, the man did me a favor. He brought some wonderful, incredible dogs into my life. No matter how much money he makes……I ended up with the better deal. And so did his dogs. Most are well loved family members now. And they deserve every single wonderful thing that happens to them.

    • What a great comment and perspective! Thank you, Jacque!

      • This is the sentiment we should all share. Harboring hatred in your heart for anything in life is a cancer. Every second wasted on hatred for this man is a victory for him and what he has done. We can never begin to heal or be ok within our own selves if we allow our emotions to be clouded by the senseless acts of others. The cruel words of how much pain or torture you would like to see him put through, regardless of his actions, make us seem more like him that perhaps we are ready to admit. More love, less hate, even when others are undeserving.

  82. I copied and pasted this article to Michael Vick’s website, the one that says
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Athlete. I’am sure he won’t ever read it, but all his fans will see it. They will probably delete it, I’am going to check back later to see if it was deleted. I’am sure I will get some rude comments, but that’s ok to

  83. I am in tears , lucas was finally loved ,never did he deserve to be treated in such a horrific way . vick is just a gang banger with money taking up space and air (he did not deserve to breath the same air as lucas or any of the dogs he used for fighting). it has to do with a person’s morals what we become in life, vick has NONE !!!! I am going to an event in august where one of this dogs is going to be and I am so excited to meet this beauty.

  84. Thank you Rothy for this update on Lucas I am very saddened by his passing but if he was suffering than it was his time 😦 R I P I still cannot forgive Vick I am sickened at the thought of what he did to those defenseless babies. I also look for some kind of news regarding his new dog but have yet to see anything 😦 THANK YOU AGAIN

  85. Penny clayton

    I hate the man. Only in America can you commit such a crime and get Franchised for millions of dollars. And, don’t give me the story about him paying his debt to society. If I get convicted of a felony I can’t get a job at McDonald’s. MOST felons never get their debt to society paid. No matter how minor the infraction. However, if you can play football the error
    is immediately forgiven. And the judge let him have a dog!!!! Maybe someone should show his children the footage of what their dad is capable of. THEY SHOULD BE AFRIAD FOR THEIR NEW PET. I personally think his punishment should have been to pull all of his teeth and tie him to the rape rack he constructed and leave him in the common area of the prison….if he loses the fight…HANG HIM!!!!!

  86. Wow, I’m ashamed of this article as well as the comments. Michael Vick was charged, went to jail, and DID his time. It’s all over and in the past. These days he spends his time off the field working with humane societies and talking to kids about how his life went wrong. He adamantly campaigns against what he did in the past. He doesn’t do that because he HAS to, he doesn’t because he wants to. It’s not part of his parole or NFL contract. He does it because he knows he was wrong. In no way could I ever excuse his actions but we live in a country of second chances. You don’t think he feels any remorse? It’s time to get over it and move on, people.

    Michael Vick was a product of society. We unfortunately live in a society where troubled kids from the projects like Vick know nothing else but the streets, and if they are good at sports, they are handed millions of dollars. Vick got $50 million dollars when he was basically 20 years old; he never even had a chance to cut ties with the rough circles he grew up around. There’s so much more to the situation than people want to accept. I think Vick has turned his nasty past into a POSITIVE situation, considering the amount of work he’s trying to do in order to show that he’s changed.

    I’m seriously ashamed of the comments I’m reading. You are all some of the most pathetically judgmental people on the internet that are incapable of forgiveness. I’m sure none of you have never been in a dark place and needed help. I’m sure all of you are perfect people.

    • Wow, Norty! Way to reward the rescuers. It is their choice whether they wish to forgive or not. Obviously, most feel that he has not done nearly enough to repay society for his wrongs. Just because a court ordered him to pay and he did, doesn’t mean he’s sorry. Nor does a mediocre attempt at “adamantly” campaigning against what he did in the past. If he was “adamant” about it, there would definitely be more out there about it. Either that, or he needs a new PR team.

      I’m not buying the “product of his environment” thing either. We all have choices in life. If in fact Vick is doing all you say he is on HIS own accord, then why isn’t his camp pushing that in the media at every single opportunity or creating those opps themselves? Why? Because it’s the bare minimum of what they have said he must do for the rest of his life to combat the poor image HE portrayed himself to be through his actions. Let us remember, HE did this-NOT THE RESCUERS OR ADVOCATES!

      Furthermore, you may say what you wish about me or any who have chosen to reply to this, but I am not pathetic and you have no reason to be ashamed. We’ve all been in dark places, we all need second chances. I’ll be the first to admit I’ve needed more than that. My letter to Vick was my thoughts and feelings toward him and the situation. In no way did I judge him. I merely asked him what my heart wished to know and what I’m finding many people wish to know as well. In fact, you may recall the portion of the letter where I referenced Lucas’ life speaking to his plight for forgiveness, and that maybe there is hope for him after all.

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, he has the opportunity and platform to become a poster child for rescue and rehab. I would LOVE to see that happen! To show true repentance and remorse and to dedicate his life and legacy to just that.

      I think the article posted earlier in a reply addresses it best… “On fear of pit bulls”

      Jim Gorant: “As odd as it may seem, Michael Vick may be the best thing that ever happened to the pit bull. He gave the forum to discuss this and make it possible to get the message out there that these dogs are not what they’ve been made out to be in the headlines, that they really are just sort of dogs. And a lot varies from each one to another and then how they’re raised and socialized and all of these issues that go around them. You can find the sweetest, most loving pit bulls in the world and you can find other dogs that are as mean as you want.”

      If you’re going to defend Vick, that is fine, Just do it without attacking those that are defending the victims from the evil people that continue this brutal practice today.

    • Joseph Mallozzi

      Vick may have “done the time” and he has paid his debt to society, but that doesn’t mean others must forgive him for his heartless acts. His behavior was borderline psychotic, the type of behavior exhibited by serial killers in their early years. He was NOT a victim of circumstances (in fact, given his big fat contract at the time, quite the opposite) but a victim of his own making. Boo hoo hoo, Poor Michael Vick with his $50 million dollars.

      “These days he spends his time off the field working with humane societies and talking to kids about how his life went wrong.”

      Nothing more than a transparent effort to curry favor with the public.

      Happily, given his play over the past couple of seasons, it’ll only be a matter of time before his football career is as dead as the dogs he murdered.

  87. I vwould not thank Vick for ANYTHING. He is a stain on humanity that will not go away. These dogs are one of the loveable breeds and thanks to people – no, monsters like him, they have a bad reputation. I pray this will change as many people come through with showing us what great dogs they are. We should thank people like Tia Maria Torres who has done more for the breed than that scum bag. I have seen nothing that shows he has an ounce of remorse for what he did. I would like to see him in a fight with a wil
    d lion and let him know what it feels like to be made to fight. I would like to thank all the great people who have given a home to the poor little babies that were abused.

  88. Reading your letter made me have a good cry, not just for Lucas but for all the Vick dogs who endured so much and who have passed on. There are a few left out there and I hope they are finally enjoying a good life. Thank you for this letter to that bastard, Vick.

  89. I see a lot of remarks about Mike Vick being a monster and that he doesn’t deserve forgiveness. How do you all feel about George Zimmerman? He killed a child. I can’t wait to hear these.

    • He was also protecting his neighborhood which Sanford PD had not been through the weeks prior to the incident. This is not about GZ or Tm, it’s about MV.

  90. Thank you for caring for Lucas and showing him how humans love. Obviously, Vick is a poor example of a human so there was no way Lucas could know love from him. I would have liked to see him never allowed to own an animal again, EVER. I would also like to see him do community service for a very long time, actually working in a shelter and cleaning up after dogs, under supervision. I would never trust him again, with ANYTHING! Run free, dear Lucas, ears flapping in the breeze, no more scars and pain…… thru the tall grass, with a smile on your face!


  92. Thank you for this! It could not have been written better. I made sure to share it on Facebook and asked all my pitty friends to do the same. While Lucas’ story brings me to tears, I also can’t help but smile, thinking how he is really showing the world what pits are about. Keep doing what you’re doing. ❀

  93. RIP Lucas,as you rest we will continue to work on you behalf *-*

  94. The Philadelphia Eagles will never be a winning team until they get rid of Vick. God will see to that.

  95. Hate is such a strong word, but I hate Michael Vick. He is and will always be a sickening dog abuser. R.I.P. poor Lucas & all the other dogs who were subjected to such cruelty.

  96. Rothy – thank you so much for this article. Very poignant. So glad to hear Lucas found love in the remainder of his precious life. I’ve had numerous animals all my life and can’t imagine treating any one of them like Lucas was treated. Also glad MV paid for it. So many abusers go unpunished.

  97. I would happily kill Michael Vick, if given the chance. I hope he and his entire family suffer a worse fate than the dogs he tortured and killed. KARMA. I believe in it.

    • i can not ask that vicks innocent children share in his fate. it is no more their fault that he is their father than it is that Lucas was his dog
      but…i will not listen to people who tell me that i am not free to judge vick. of course i am. maybe i dont believe in your god who forbids this.

      like it or not, in america, foot ball players are role models. vick knew that. and please….dont whine to me about poor upbringing. i work in mental health in a corrections facility…i”ve heard it all.

      and what do we teach in that facility….”yes…what was done to you was wrong….but…if you continue to make choices that harm yourself, then how are you kinder to yourself than the abuser was….your defenses become your cage! and it does not entitle you to victimise others. if you will not learn to live with us without harming us, then you must learn to live away from us, in a cage you have designed”

      i have rescued pit bulls for many years. i have dogs in sanctuary in many states and even some in Best Friends. too many times i have faced down thugs (who model themselves after vick)…over a brutalized, bleeding dog. too many times have i cried over a dog that was so damaged that all i could do was move it as gently as possible onto a blanket so i could take it to be helped over the bridge. too many times have i snuck into the woods where a dog was chained alone, half starved with a chain grown into its neck, infected, crawling with fleas, infested with ticks, no water, fed crap like ground glass and gun powder to make it sick so that it would be more likely to fight. what about the tiny bait dog, with a terribly scarred face, ears raggedly cut off with scissors, infected…. and so hungry she ate dirty baby diapers, plastic and all?

      dont you think i was scared that before i could get that half rotted pathetic dog out of there, one of those punk a$$ wastes of oxygen would catch me?

      no matter how brutalized those punks or vick may have been, NOTHING gives them any right to do this, so they can bet and make money on watching a dog ripped to pieces…and call themselves a big shot in the underground world

      so…go ahead, decide for yourself, that vick has paid enough, though the money he has “paid” was raised by others, the dogs he has “helped” have been healed by other hands, and the “events” that the HSUS arranges for him are not designed to teach who he alone could reach, if he was truly contrite. instead they are designed to make $ for HSUS who was entirely too willing to consign the victory dogs to death.

      just dont ask me to join you in your sentiment.

      but since you are so into forgiving, you can add me to your list…and forgive me because i am unable to forgive him. when i no longer have the blood of “murdered” dogs on my hands and clothes…when i dont have to pick up the abandoned remains of a dog that was “trunked”, (and if you dont know what that means…go look it up) when i dont have to raise money to feed/ vet and shelter dogs that have been abused by people who aspire to vick’s life…i will start work on forgiving him.

      just right now….i am too busy.

      finally…just answer me this…..if vick were so “repentant ” and “reformed”…why shortly after he was released was he in a bar (forbidden by his release terms) with a former crime partner (also forbidden to any felon) who had a concealed firearm without permit (also forbidden to both of them), celebrating vicks birthday with a “pay to attend” event, at which, said crime partner shot someone, and vick left the scene? must have been because he took to heart his rules of release, and because he took his supervising officer seriously about those rules. or because he felt bad about acting like a thug….so…he did it again. or maybe its because he is a rich sociopath who just doesnt give a @#%& about any of that, and he wants to do what he wants to do…and figures he can get away with…because he is the great michael vick.

      about that he is right…he gets away with it…because he has been forgiven, he throws a mean football, he has big financial backers and well paid lawyers….any low life, unconnected, ordinary little punk would not have made it home from that party. they would have been in jail, awaiting a hearing to return them to inmate status for violation of their terms of release.

      so…knock yourself out! go on forgiving him while he remains a menace to society, a role model for self indulgence, self centeredness, and cruelty to our loyalist friends. go on forgiving him while his victims die of a disease he could have prevented with about $120 a year for each dog…which is not much in his big shot, high roller world….

      thats a lot of forgiving….so maybe you dont have enough left to forgive me

      i guess i”ll just go on cleaning up the bloody mess…unforgiven

    • Marquise Williams

      That’s awfully dark of you. I hope you don’t have children.

  98. Very well said.
    This article is heart wrenching when you you think of what these poor animals suffered under this monster. RIP Lucas

  99. What a beautiful article. I don’t understand how the judge could grant someone like him permission to have another dog. What was wrong with that judge or for that matter those that let him out so soon. And what’s wrong with those people who idolize him as a football player! Obviously they are no better than he is. We all know that he will pay for it – he will spend a lot of time in hell for sure.

  100. You wrote what has been on many of our minds. How can we applaud someone for his athletic ability when his cruelty knew no boundaries. We hear how he changed…was so sorry for his mistakes and misguided acts. There is something deep down that makes a person think its ok to wipe out the life of one of god’s creatures in the name of financial gain and bully status-and I’m not convinced this can be changed. Lets be clear, only the worst cowards turn to those who have no voice to express their own inadequacies. Thank you to those who cared enough to have faith in rehabilitating this soul, you are the ones for us to applaud.

  101. Michael Vick should suffer for the rest of his life. Financially, emotionally, and professionally. Terrible example of a Hero what kids were looking up to, worse example of a Human Being..I hope your life is misery. You deserve it. I no longer use any Nike products. Anything else involved with you, I will boycott as well. I hope your new dog has enough sense to run far away from your home. Maybe your kids should do the same.


  103. You’re an asshole and a disgrace to the human race. Despite all your greatness in football it means nothin when you kill and mame a helpless animal whose only desire is to please and love. Their like children& you’re the abuser. I pray for you to feel in some way the torture and pain you’ve facilitated in the dogs lost. Jail isn’t enough God won’t let you just harm his precious gifts to man without repercussions. Some may love you for your talent& feel it’s a trivial thing to fight dogs…to them I say your time will come.

  104. Saw you had some redemption shirt, tryn to say u’ve changed……want redemption really……ok you prove it get in the cage with the dogs let them give ya some redemption….you are a FKN piece of shit and a pussy .

  105. What an amazing letter…..truly! A very powerful emotional letter to drive the writer’s point home. Good for him and thank you to him and all rescuers! SHAME on all people who allow and condone dog fighting. Dogs have no say or choice, people do. Disgraceful and disgusting. Forgiveness is not easy and it appears the writer is trying….says volumes about his character, which is commendable. And also says a lot about Mr. Vick’s character, which is not commendable. Something for Mr. Vick to think about next time he goes to pet his family dog.

  106. I believe in forgiving people when they make a bad choice. But I find it hard to forgive anyone who would purposely put any living animal in harms way for the sake of money. I hate hearing this mans name n it’s more hurtful that a lot of people have forgotten the type of monster he really is deep down inside.


    Truly heartbreaking! there are real monsters and angels walking this earth.. the poor animals (fellow earthlings) pay the price for our actions. RIP sweet boy, I am glad you experienced love and on behalf of the trash with cash Vick, I will say sorry because he never will.

  108. Michael Vick should be thrown in a cage with wild Lions and let them eat him alive. He is a useless piece of shit that doesn’t deserve to breathe the air we share. I honestly hope someone takes him out somewhere and puts a bullet in his head.

  109. Rest In Peace, Lucas! You were loved!

  110. Ardyth Gressel

    This was a great tribute to a wonderful dog. Thank God he got to know a happy loving life. I wish all animals had that opportunity. May God bless his soul. And may Michael Vick be haunted for the rest of his life for the inhumane things he did, Thank you for this it made me cry and love my dog and cat even more.

  111. Never ever will forgive this monster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To get another dog, God help the poor thing! And to The Humane Society for using you in campaigns, Wayne is a moron. No more support to them at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. I just wanted to thank the family that gave Lucas the good life he deserved, in the pictures he looked very happy and loved πŸ™‚

    On another note…still to this day when I hear that D-Bags name it makes me sick to my stomach and if that dick is ever on TV the channel is immediately changed….

  113. I have read all of your postings and I must say that everyone of your posting for Lucas are writing deeply from your hearts it was a sad situation and he was such a beautiful dog. And your all right about Micheal Vicks he didn’t deserve a second chance nor should he be around animals and for him to have another dog that is a scarey situation because if he could do those horrible things to Lucas what makes not do them to this dog that he calls a dog for his family. And you are all right that say when he dies hopefully he die’s a long and painful death so he can see how Lucas suffered. You all have writing these posting with love and sadness from your hearts your all seem to be great people that love their pets.

  114. The next time you play football, I wish you get hit badly and severely to death, you are SOB. I don’t know your true color.

  115. Reblogged this on Tour D'Elegance and commented:
    Caring about animals is VERY elegant.

  116. Marge LaGiglio

    God Bless you and that beautiful dog – this makes me sick to my stomach – Vick is a scumbagg and I will NEVER understand how anyone on this earth has an ounce of respect for that piece of gabage – I hope he rots in hell foreverrr…..and that beautiful pup that you so lovingly cared for discovered what it was like to be loved and not tortured. You made the remainder of his life wonderful. He is now happy and free, no more pain and suffering – he’s running and playing with all the other animals for eternity – love, love, love people like
    you ;o)

  117. Marge LaGiglio

    Sorry I mispelled the word GARBAGE !!

  118. Lord how I wish Vick could be treated the way he treated his dogs. That’s something I’d gladly pay to see.

  119. Mike Vick,,needs to ROT IN HELL!!!!!!!!!!!! for what he did to those poor dogs,,

  120. Come on people let it go!!! Harboring UNFORGIVENESS is just as wicked as MV’s heinous acts….Be glad that someone was able to love this animal much more than his previous owner. And pray that someone can rehabilitate MV just the same…

    SMH at the self righteousness of people

  121. Stephanie McPherson

    I’m so disgusted in u, I can’t even look at the Eagles emblem anymore!! They sicken me, for bringing a piece of shit animal distroyer like u on their team! I just can’t wrap my head around the fact that u could just stand there & watch anyone just rip another being apart, nor would I ever want to see that!! Ur just disgusting!!! The fact that u have a kid makes me ill too! Are u going to teach him that hurting animals is ok? That it’s “an honest way to make money” instead of working hard with ur own hands the way God made us to do?!

  122. Toni Frizzell

    Rest in peace Lucas.Rot in hell Mike!!

  123. Micheal Vick is a prime example of why there is BSL.. His horrible acts against the Bully Breed is the reason that people misunderstand and hate our Pit Bulls.. But Lucas may have been his champion but he is a Pit Bull star. He showed the world that the Pit Bull breed is not harmful by nature, they are forced to fight when all they want to do is please their owners. I am a proud Pit Bull owner. At first I was adamant that I would never breed her, but as she gets older I know that one day she will be gone. If I breed her I will only do it once so that I can continue to have a part of her in my life. She has shown such love and happiness to my family like no other dog has ever done. So I fight against BSL for her. It’s not right that someone that abused the privilege of owning animals is allowed to continue to own them.

  124. M.V. Should not even be alive let alone be aloud to own or have custody of anything that can breath! Why these p.o.s. are given a bed and place to stay warm instead of torchered to death slowly I still have not figured out. SICK!!!

  125. All dogs go to heaven! And Michael Vick will go to hell.AMEN! Rest in peace,Lucas.My heart is glad that his last days were cared for, loved, happy and appreciated for the wonderful dog that he was.

  126. Vick is a sick, sicko. If he hadn’t been caught, he’d still be doing the same. I can’t imagine any court ever allowing him another animal of any sort. And the sad thing is, there are many, many Sick Vicks in this world. They just haven’t been caught yet. I will never watch any game in which Vick participates. Ever.

  127. Michael Vick is scum and will always be scum. He is just rich scum!

  128. I read with disgust and repulsion your article and I just wana kill him, in fact ide like to take him to the human cage fights and see what hes made of all animals are at our mercy and with the mentality of some humans this bad behaviour will continue to go on it depresses me to think about all the other cruelty that we don’t hear about…….

  129. Marian Francesco

    RIP Sweet Lucas. F*uck you Michael Vick.

  130. jean hague stille

    I shared this on his facebook wall! well said. I pray for the dog he has now.

  131. Dear Lord </3 ……. God blessed this Angel with love at the end of his life. Thank you from our hearts ❀ for those of us animal lovers. May God continue to bless the efforts of all that fight for those with no voices ….. Our best friends , God's beautiful 4 legged creatures !

  132. Micheal Vick has earned a place in HELL for himself. To think he has another pet, and what can he show his children about the love our pets have for us, and WE for them. I wonder if he treats his children as he treated the many Pits that have suffered at his hands. Is money that important to him then the life of a living being? We all see what he has reaped for himself just by playing the games of football, he is a LOSER! Forgiveness is what we are taught, BUT forgiveness is not what he deserves, He is a murderer of the worst kind, against helpless animals. LUCAS, you had a wonderful second chance, and you deserved it so. I am saddened by his passing, and by all the other dogs that Vick had anything to do with. HOW can he set an example for his children, he is not capable of understanding the bond between us humans and our pets. For Lucas is now at peace, and he is as beautiful in his passing as he was in life. THANK YOU, BEST FRIENDS, there is no greater gift then the gift you gave LUCAS. R.I.P. LUCAS, you are free now.

    • whenever i write to Best Friends to check on dogs that i haves rescued who eventually find their way there, i always end with

      “thank for the gift of their lives. without best friends, they would no longer be with us.”

      if there is any other possibility for foster, adoption, sanctuary i take it. because as great as Best Friends is…..they are not able to take every homeless animal. i wish every shelter was as they are…..and maybe someday we we see such.

      even more, i pray for light to shine into the hearts of those who do not understand that the 4 legged and the winged have not be placed her for us to exploit. in the book most say they follow it says that man “is given dominion over the animals of the earth and the birds of the sky”. dominion over does not constitute a right to abuse. they have been placed into our care….and if those who quote that book as their guide believe in it…..they must surely see that in our care of these creatures, we fall abysmally short.

  133. WOW!!! great letter, Left me in tears, mostly becasue ignorant people dont realize that its not the breed of the dog its the human on the other end of the leashe. I have 2 Pitties and they are the best creatures in my life, they are not mean, they live with 3 cats, and they give me life long love. Any dog can be mean or nice, its the owner. Pit Bulls are one of the only bread that I have seen come from abuse and turn around into being a submisive, loving ,trusting dog. Vick is one of many people in the USA to abuse these dogs, maybe people should read up on this Breed they could learn alot and then ignorance in their mind may change. Long live all the rescues, Pit Bull Lovers, fosters and adoptive parents. As for Vick, I have nothing nice to say about him, Shame on him, shame on the court who allowed him to have another dog, I pray that his wife watches his kids with their dog, with a history like vicks, it tends to repeat its self. As for his dog, RIP, at least he had a few good years of love and kindmess, thank you to thoes who cared for him…….

  134. angela heddings

    Michael Vick you are a piece of shit!! I hope you die a long painful death with God showing you no mercy. You should never be allowed to be graced with the honor of caring for another animal again!! Rot in hell!!

    • although Lucas is gone, and Ellen too…and all the vicktory dogs will die in a few years, because they dont live as long as we would want them to….they are absolute heros/heroines. they have healed, or still struggle to….but they have shown the world the true animal…..HUMANS. they may be beasts without thumbs or power of speech…but their eyes tell their stories, and through their courage to heal they have taught thousands that pit bulls are not demons from hell, that even when they have been forced to fight to live, their nature is not that.
      i despise michael vick, he actually makes me sick. to see him, to hear his voice on media…makes me sick. i abhor what he did to those dogs, and all the countless ones we dont know about….but what rothy says here is true…
      because he was caught, and because he was a superstar, and even because he will not get what he deserves in this lifetime….he has focused so much energy and resources of others on the plight of the pit bull.
      because of what has been learned in watching the vicktory dogs recover, many now understand what was previously unthinkable….they can recover. many more will have the chance to live.
      because vick creates such passion in people, they reach out to his victims. and that is a good thing.
      so while i will never find myself able to tolerate the sight of him and although i can not forgive what he did to these dogs, and inspired others to do….because of the courage of those dogs and those who believed they could heal……..thousands of others will get the chance to.
      his football stats and skills will fade….his legacy of hurt, terror and inhumane treatment of the innocent will never fade. and people of good heart will be inspired by the horror of what he did to help dogs far into the future.
      i would never ask a dog to endure this for the betterment of their breed, but…since it was done, and we were left with the results, we have made a difference to pit bulls because of it.
      Lead on Lucus. We will follow you good boy.

  135. He has children? Good God! Hope they don’t live with him. There is NO WAY any agency on Earth should’ve ever let him have a dog again. As for sports-they’re all assholes if they are willing to hire him.

  136. you people are insane….unless you’re all vegetarians, you’re hypocritical simpletons that jump on any band wagon that comes along. Leave Mike alone already, morons…

    • JAKE, from your message i guess you are in favor of what vick did, animal abuse, well YOU are just as bad & sick as he is, money or no money, this is wrong, so go to the courts that judged him & spew your thoughts on them. Oh I am not insane or a moron, you might have just described yourself & VICK, your BFF in crime

      • He doesn’t have to be in favor to be forgiven. Why isn’t Vick deserving of redemption? Why can’t he be forgiven?

  137. RIP Lucas! I’m glad you finally found the love and compassion you so much deserved!! For VICK I hope this haunts you for the rest of your life and you BURN IN HELL!!

  138. I appreciate your “letter”. Mr. Vick has actually “shown off” his new dog – by attending training classes at PetSmart (which is why I no longer shop there). Mr. Vick has admitted that he would still be doing what he did if he hadn’t been caught. Mr. Vick has only paid money towards the care of “his” dogs that the Judge ordered him to pay. This is a man who is “sorry” he got caught; “sorry” for the impact on his career; “sorry” for the impact on his family and fans – and I would guess, very thankful for the plea deal he received. He has NOT paid the time for his crimes to these dogs – and I hate that the NFL allows him to play and receive all the publicity. I don’t wish him harm (unlike a lot of animal lovers); I just wish he would go away….

  139. Beautifully written, I’m in tears….

  140. 1. The death of this delightful animal is heartbreaking. I’m bawling my eyes out in remorse.
    Very thankful that he knew love before he went to Rainbow Ridge. 2. Still waiting for some wonderful guard to T-bone that a$$hole and break every bone in his body. Karma is a bitch and will eventually give Vick what he deserves.

  141. Justin Matteo

    Mike Vick deserves nothing his fame as a football player means nothing I would spit at him of I saw him!! Shame on him for all the pain and suffering he caused!! He should have to feel what those dogs felt how could a han being act like that!! Karma is a bitch! And he might think its funny but eventually it comes back at you!!

  142. Vick, come to Stoke on Trent and meet your match, you are nothing but scum. Come on you worthless piece of shit, see if you are so good not behing a keyboard.

  143. So let me get this right, a scumbag gets found fighting pit bulls ( breed I’ve owned and love in Australia for 15 years) and because he is some big shot football player he is not in Jail, Jesus Christ, he deserves a longer sentence being a public figure, Hope he cant get a passport as we don’t welcome scumbag pieces of shit dog fighters down here, were trying to rid our country of the ones here, but at least they go to jail

    • shaun,

      vick went to prison. for 23 months. doesnt cover the murder of 1 dog, let alone all of them. he lost endorsements, his place w the falcons team, and had to repay bonus money he had already received. it is estimated it cost him over $140 million. he did federal time, not for the dogs but because of the gambling operation. for the dogs….he was fined $5000.00. and he had to become a dancing bear for the Humane Society of United States. (they trot him out at their fund raising events to talk about his mistakes).

      Wayne Pacelle, CEO of Humane Society of the United States has gone on record saying that people who are “involved in dog fighting really do value the animals in a certain way.” He violated a court order by instructing his employees to take pictures of the rescued fighters then being held pending a decision regarding their own fate. He went on record advocating for the dogs to be killed, while having his people photographed with them while wearing HSUS shirts….to give the appearance they they were involved in the rescue. He actively solicited donations for the care and rehab of the vick dogs, though HSUS and NO PART in their rescue or their rehab.

      let’s be clear….wayne pacelle was involved only in the rescue of michael vick. not the dogs. in fact, he supports vick having a dog now.

      look at the case. vick was beyond monstrous to those dogs. he strangled, beat to death, drowned them from exhaustion by throwing them into pools they could not get out of. he laughed when they cried, and he laughed as they died.

      read the record. and thats only what he got caught doing. the creator knows the rest of it. and if the creator is merciful, i will never know more than i already do. the things he did give me nightmares still.

      the judge in the case was not impressed with his admission of sorrow, neither am i. i can not reconcile anything he does with being human. there is no other option for me than to believe that he is profoundly twisted, a sociopath who is a risk to everything living. his relationship with pacelle is deeply disturbing.

      the most disturbing thing about it is the failure of so many to remember, to apply critical thinking, to research and learn the true story. for them, he did his time and lets get to the football part already. that behavior condones a horribly dangerous killer to walk among us, to make millions of dollars and to thumb his nose at the rule of law and decency. it creates a role model for young men that is sick, dangerous and deadly.

      plain and simple, the man is depraved. and pacelle is a liar, and a pimp. he parades his dancing bear for money he then uses to worsen not just the plight of pitbulls…but other animals as well. look it up. in 2009 pacelle wrote a letter insisting that shelters should have the right to kill animals that they thought were “too fat, too old, too playful or too shy” and effectively terminated the “no kill” movement in san francisco. he opposes no kill everywhere.

      pacelle took 50 thou from the eagles to launder vicks image. it will take more than that. especially when the guy doing the laundry is as crooked as a barrel of fish hooks.

      make no mistake, the marriage of vick/pacelle is bad newz, corrupt, as evil and profane as anything vick ever did or sanctioned.

      • Wow! If true, this evidence needs to be made mainstream and something needs to be done to oust this guy.

      • shaun,

        how much mainstream do you want? google michael vick and wayne pacelle. see what you get. google wayne pacelle and position on fighting dogs. or wayne pacell quotes on michael vick. “bad newz kennels”, the name of vicks kennel (and i use that word VERY loosely)

        try “how much did eagles football donate to HSUS”

        its all there if anyone just takes a few minutes to look.

        vick failed a polygraph in october 2007 when he answered that he had no personal involvement in the killing of the dogs. on wikipedia- bad newz kennels. he changed his story over and over, which caused the judge in the case to sentence him more harshly than the other defendants. he bank rolled the operation for sure….but he was also the most attractive asset of the kennel. a vick dog was “all that” in the dog fighting world, for breeding and for fighting.

        or try “the lost dogs: michael vick’s dogs and their tale of rescue and redemption”

        illegal activity for vick goes way back. his father states he fought dogs as early as 2001. the police were executing a drug search warrant on a family member of his, also involved, which led to the bad newz site when the dog fighting was discovered. he was positive for marijuana use while awaiting disposition of this case. who does that? a criminal…that’s who

        on pacelle and vick google their names and “in bed with monsters” and tell me how you feel after reading the words of one of the evaluators from the rescue group “Bad Rap” about how losing dogs had jumper cables clipped to their ears, attached to a battery and then thrown into the pool.

        anyone who tells me that vick has done his time and has reformed or repented is not doing their homework. they have not taken the time to look up the legal documents, new stories and online references to what he did. there is no removing a stain like this from the soul. this is the work of a killer, plain and simple.

        sociopaths are not fixable. alternately known as antisocial personality disorder, these people are defined by a lack of empathy and total disregard for others, and a belief that laws, rules, norms or expectations of others have no bearing on their lives. they usually torture animals as children, and they express nothing other than remorse for getting caught. they can not express remorse for the act…because they are incapable of feeling it.

        because of being vick’s champion Lucas was never able to leave Best Friends. because too many sickos like him would try to take him. how cool would that be in their sick world…to be sportin the champion of Bad Newz Kennel? how terrifying that would have been for Lucas. thank god he was well protected at Best Friends.

        down and dirty, putting michael vick in charge of a dog is like sending ted bundy to college.

        who the hell in their right mind would think it a good idea?

        answer: wayne pacelle…….go figure

      • Sheila Gredzinski

        Thank you! And his prison term was not for animal cruelty.
        He served that short term for violating the RICO Act.
        Politics, all of it.

    • He served two years in prison and literally lost all his money. If that’s not enough punishment for you good thing you aren’t a judge

  144. Never . . . NEVER . . . . will I forgive that piece of shit! Sadly, he still haunts me and will until he’s gone from this earth. Thankfully there are good people who did their best to give Lucas the love and peace he deserved.

    “To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring – it was peace.”

  145. so many thanks for making Lucas’s last days happy, loved, & cared for just the way GOD wants to do, NOT for Making Money off them, & abusing HIS animals. This sorry butt person, I can’t call him a man, cause a real man does not do these things, only a COWARD, it makes them feel BIG, but really they are pathetic. Hope someone is checking on the dog/dogs he has now & if there is any sign of abuse, get the animals out, ALL OF them, & kids! This Sicko, can NOT be Fixed!!!!!

  146. Li have followed this thread for days. and given all i have in loving memory of the Grand Champion of Love, Best Friends Great Ambassador for Pitbulls…..beautiful soul…Lucas.

    i have also done my best to explain why i know, absolutely know, vick is not truly sorry…and despite all his wealth and football fame…he is empty and broken….

    its easy to know…as Rothy says…if he had loved Lucas, if he had truly grieved, the media would be all over that….or his media people really suck.

    my tears still flow at the sight of Lucas’ scarred face..but…his courage to heal inspires me.

    i have no more time for vick…until the next victory dog dies, or until he does something else so vile that it commands my attention

    now is time for me to call on the love of all my pitties, here and gone on…those i saved, those i tried to save, and those for whom it was already too late… i will wrap that love and courage around me…and let my hurt at this loss be comforted.

    i close my eyes…and i see the noble soul that was Lucas….a light in the darkness….leading me on in the effort to right this wrong.

    many thanks Rothy for your letter, your love of the creator’s fur children, and the space to exhaust my fury at our loss.

    to michael vick…may the bridges you burn light your way…and may you truly learn, feel and understand the horror of what you have done


    • Very well said! I wrote this letter not in hatred but out of a need to release and a sincere concern for not only other animals and his children, but somehow for Mike as well. At one time I too wanted to claw his eyes out but then id be just like him. I’d just like to see him become a face of true change.

      • rothy- you done good! you wrote a beautiful letter about a beautiful soul. you gave people a place to pour the passion that vick inspires in them out. my prayer is that they join in action, not just words. here @ pitbulls4peace we are pledged to save 1 pit bull at a time, all the way to “forever safe”.

        we are just a few volunteers, but we have friends all over the place, we reach out and help where ever we can, any state. anyone can do it. and we can change what those who fight dogs have done. we can make a difference. believe it and live it

        we can not save every dog, much as we try…at least not alone…but if we are all together in this, we can. people who would abuse them could never stand against us.

        for now…we make a difference for one dog at a time…but a day will come when it will be all…

        all it takes is all of us.

  147. Dear Michael How does it feel to be such a gutless moron? I hope all of the blood money you have made through the torture of innocent animals brings you nothing but misery. I also hope you die a painfully slow death. I feel sorry for any child you may have having you as a parent, You are a greedy low life that deserves far much worse that the animals. They have no choice,You are also an obviously weak man to have to train “man’s best friend” to do your fighting for you. Are you afraid you might get hurt? Real men care for animals, and real men do their own fighting. They do not get an animal to do it for them. You are just a sad, pathetic little male. To brutally harm such loyal, faithful and loving animals for monetary gain says it all. You are a psycho. I am glad that your “champion” friend found some loving care before it died a miserable death brought on by you. You are sickening.

    • patricia…

      i promised that i was done w this, need to know that Lucas did not suffer @ Best Friends. they would never have let it happen. as long as they could control his pain and he had more good days than bad ones they kept him going. when it was clear it would go the other way, he was helped to cross, in loving arms, with kisses, hugs and those who loved him right there to take him all the way to the bridge. BF would never ever let him die miserable….not Lucas, not any animal in their care.

  148. Rest in peace Lucas, live in misery Michael

  149. I cannot believe he was allowed to get a dog – it is still living with him even if he says it is for his child. Hopefully, when the child realizes he has a monster for a father, he will have the intestinal fortitude to walk away and never return. Mike deserves nothing and should have gotten the same sentence he gave his dogs.


  151. Vick is only sorry because HE GOT CAUGHT! I bet he would still be doing it today otherwise!!!

  152. God blessed us w animal angels. Amazing gifts of love.

  153. Sheila Gredzinski

    How well put into words.
    His Angels will all rest peacefully.

    Mike, I too am having trouble finding faith in your rehabilitation. Please, let us see how that pup is doing.

  154. Wow, so ya’ll all know Michael Vick personally? And you know from being his friend that he is evil? You’re right… the fact that he doesn’t post pictures of his kids with their dog means he’s probably abusing it. This article is just sad, to harbor that much hate for someone you’ve never met who made a mistake years and years ago and paid for it in every way he possibly could. Is it tiring spending this much effort to hate somebody you do’t know at all?

    • I hate no one and have stated so in many replies. My letter to him was a reflection of the feelings we as rescuers feel toward him. He did NOT pay for it in every way. Over and over he has had issues with abuse, not only for dogs but law suits from women he gave diseases to to his ex coming out with the news that he even let his parrot starve. He just hasn’t proven his remorse over this and until he does, he will always have a legacy as a killer and an abuser.

      But since you choose to speak as if you do know him, as well as the ignorant comments from others who’ve eluded to the same, I take it he read the letter. Which is all I wanted in the first place πŸ™‚

    • ya, its tiring. and its even more tiring to clean up the mess he left behind. and i suppose you know a lot about that. i suppose you have spent hours with dogs so traumatized that they cower and wet themselves at the sight of a human. or maybe you have spent some time with a dying dog in your arms as a vet guides them to heaven because of a disease that wastes their muscles……a disease that vick could have prevented with routine vet care for his dogs.
      so..if there is anyone here hasnt a clue what they are talking about…it would be you.
      i imagine then that you are bff w vick, thats why you know?
      maybe, but i am bff with his victims. and that is why i KNOW.

    • A mistake is getting involved in the dog-fighting business in the first place, perhaps because of culture or family background. Evil is participating in the torture and killing of dogs and laughing as the poor animals suffer and die.

      Michael Vick was an evil man. I have neither read nor heard anything demonstrating that he truly regrets his actions and is sorry for the many dogs who he caused to be hurt or painfully killed. I don’t wish Michael Vick to know the same agonies he forced on his dogs; but I don’t wish him success or happiness either. And I think he deserved more jail time.

  155. Julie Bennett-Pitts

    Who is keeping an eye on sick Vicks poor new dog.

  156. Now if he was truly remorseful and wanted to show the world, Mike would get his half-ass PR team together and do something like this –>

  157. Elaine Griffith

    I can find “NO FORGIVNESS” in my heart or mind for Michael Vick or any of the ones who participated and encouraged in the horrendous so called “sport” that injured and killed beautiful creatures if GOD (Dog spelled in reverse). And if they survived the fight they were tortured and then killed. I also can not forgive or respect the authorities of football who allowed him to play again after a short time in prison and a few shallow speeches pretending he was sorry. Bottom line was money for the fights and the football league with no compassion or love for the dogs. May they all be punished and burn in Hell. These wonderful dogs WILL NOT BE WAITING for any of them at the RAINBOW BRIDGE.


  159. Cannot believe the courts let him have another dog! Makes me sick. I am glad that Lucas’ last years were happy ones. God Bless the people that saved all these dogs!

  160. Victoria Hakola

    You are scum Michael Vick die a painful death. To the heros who saved your dogs thank you God bless you

  161. thanks for sharing this story, and thanks for making lucas’ life so much better.

  162. Does anyone on this thread eat meat? Because if so you are responsible for more brutality than Michael Vick. “Farm” animals suffer and are brutalized by the millions each year to support your habit. I am not defending dog fighting in any way. Just pointing out that it’s easier to point fingers than to look at yourself. personally, I think it’s time to let go of this Vick situation. There’s plenty of animal rescue work to do right now without clinging to the past.

    • You make a valid point in that millions of other animals used for consumption are severely mistreated and have horrible lives before dying painfully. Though I still believe God gave man dominion for consumption, work as well as companionship, I do not condemn those that eat animal products, I do know there are now more animal friendly companies that ensure healthy growth along with kind treatment and facilities designed and run for the purpose of producing animal products where animals are not abused. And even for those used as meat, they ensure humane euthanasia. The world will never be ridden of animal consumption, but we can promote the ethical, kind and humane treatment and care of these animals during their lives, as our responsibility for being the ones given dominion.

  163. Father God says I have to forgive people…tho its hard. I won’t forget what Michael Vick did to those poor animals and I pray as God says “Vengence is mine” I pray religiously that God protect his animals and teach lessons to those who have abused them. Mr. Vick took his new dog to Pet Smart for grooming/training. Some stores will do anything to make a buck or did they do it for free for the publicity.

  164. Never forgive those without a heart and soul for they will never notice anyway.

  165. Vick the DICK should NEVER be allowed to own an animal, nor should he be allowed to have children. I can’t believe they didn’t neuter that useless scumbag !! Lucas, we love you !! You have shown just how wonderful and forgiving dogs are. Thank you Lucas for giving humans a chance to love you and for understanding that REAL HUMANS treat animals with the love and respect they are. Your prior owner was not even close to being human !! Run and play at rainbow bridge with all the other wonderful babies , no human can ever hurt you again . To the people of Best Friends … thank you for giving the love to Lucas that he and all other dogs deserve !! All people should realize that that God spelled backwards is Dog and there’s a real reason why dogs are man’s best friend !!

  166. Dr Megha Shah

    Shame on u Michael… U really will suffer a lot… No animal is for entertainment…. They do feel pain….. N sorry to say u r unlucky to understand their love…. U r very poor at heart… Really Shame on u…..

  167. carole dilombardo

    Dear Mike Vick ;
    I hate you!!! My God says i should forgive you; but i can’t!!!! I only hope the worst for you!!! Rot in Hell you worthless loser!!!

  168. I’m saddened and in years!!! I love my pitbull to peaces, she sleeps with me, she has cooked dinners, she had the finest collars and mist of all she takes me on some of the best walks, we have some of the greatest experiences I
    Will ever have in my life!!! She is my daughter, Sasha Is the greatest ever!!! Yet people still look at her in a horrible evil judging manner all because of idiots and people like this mike!!! Mike you make me stupidly sick, you sad pathetic, in humane, evil human!!

  169. AffluentRott76

    Really have a hard time seeing how anyone would ever grant this piece of shit the right to ever own any kind of animal let alone another dog!!! Heartfelt thanks go out to those folks who helped Lucas to enjoy the remaining days he was able to spend in being loved and in providing a quality of life that he was so obviously not accustomed to. RIP and be happy in heavens fields Lucas!

  170. Dude did his time and lost and paid millions of dollars and he has since done everything he can to kiss the ass of people like you and you still can’t let it go. For fuck sake you sure do talk a lot about redemption and forgiveness but you sure don’t know how to give any.

  171. No. Thankyou Rothy for helping to give this dog at least a few good years!

    • I merely wrote the letter Tod. Just my thoughts and what I wanted to say to him. Best Friends Society are the hero’s here, along with the dogs they saved. πŸ™‚

  172. Michael Vick is undeserving of thanks and undeserving of the privilege to own dogs. He’s a pathetic excuse for a human being and a thug. Too bad he’s as dumb as a box of rocks and as deep as a puddle. Scum of the Earth.

  173. I am sorry for your loss. Very glad Lucas lived with his family at the rescue. Know you miss him. I cannot and will not forgive anyone who does this evil to animals. All animal abusers should get the same treatment they’ve inflicted on these innocent creatures. My thoughts are with you all.

  174. kathy heberer

    i think the judge who granted him permission to get another dog should be hung. seriously. the only reason that thug has asked for forgiveness and done community service is because he was busted. had he not been, he’d still be doing it!!!!! i don’t even have the words to describe what i think this two-legged monster truly is.

  175. I find it tragic that in our society the love of sports overrides our common sense. There was a time that our children could look up to a sports hero as a role model who wasn’t a rapist, animal or wife abuser, or public nuisance. It is a tragedy that there are great players out there that have to play alongside this scum. He makes a fortune. Who is having the last laugh? Do you really think he cares what we think as we continue to pay him millions? Of course he will say he has changed; to say anything else would hit his wallet hard. Until people like him are boycotted from games and we don’t buy tickets, and sports paraphernalia, we can blog all we want; the fact is that we support him – literally. What impetus is this for him to change?
    My heartfelt thanks to those who helped these dogs and for all who continue the great job of rescue work. Those creatures out there need us.

  176. You’re spending your time writing about a dog. Commendable. You’re such a good person. Have you written any pieces regarding the hundred of thousands of casualties endured by the innocent victims of the Syrian Revolution? The most severe human innocent life crisis since Rwanda? No? Good for you though. Keep writing your heartfelt articles for dogs. You’re making a difference.

    • Umm, actually, YES, Noah! Yes I have written many things on and have been an advocate for The Invisible Children in Uganda, Rawanda, Darfur and Sudan. Just sent a rant text to Kanye West about it the other day. It’s cause I’ve been supporting and speaking of years before Koni made it viral too. I and my family have advocated for several charities benefitting this cause. Ever seen the movie, “Machine Gun Preacher”? One, you won’t soon forget when you do. One of my favorite albums is “Albertine”, by Brook Fraser. And I’m ironically in the midst of reading a great book on the topic called, “Kisses From Katie”.

      And yes, I AM making a difference! In both ways and more. So keep your ignorant assumptions about someone you don’t even know to yourself and off my blog. Use another platform to show the world what an ass you are.

    • Bette-Ann Libin

      Caring for animals and caring for people are NOT mutually exclusive. Who are YOU to question a writer about her choice of subject? For those of us professionally indentured to the care of animals, this letter has made a world of difference!

    • borrowing from saturday night live, noah “you ignorant %&*(”

      it is actually possible to care about humans and dogs at the same time. that of course is if you have an emotional range bigger than the average teaspoon.

      Lucas deserves to be honored, and those of us with capacity to feel have the right to our grief and anger over the facts surrounding his abuse and his recovery.

      maybe you could tell us where you write about the syrian tragedy and we can come there to talk about Lucas….

      so, if you havent anything useful to say…go elsewhere. this is a memorial service for a great dog. you obviously do not belong at the service.

  177. Sick disgusting Vick deserves no thanx or any justice he should never ever be able to own another dog!!!! I still hold a fridge against him and always will. He’s a worthless piece of shit in my eyes. He should have never been allowed to play football again either he should have been tortured like those poor innocent dogs were!!!!



  180. it’s sarcasm people. beautifully written..thanks for writing such a tribute to Lucas.

  181. Sooo very sad…. RIP SWEET BABYπŸ˜‡

  182. Zenovia D'Elena

    Thank You for showing the world the full Love & Beauty these amazing dogs are capable of, even after the worst treatment possible. These dogs are trained to kill other dogs and to do it for their Masters, the humans that they love, protect and wish to please so desperately. Unfortunately, once trained this way, they could be a danger to particularly to other dogs, but not loving humans. The only case a human could be in danger is if they have showed aggression or presented harm to a family member of one of these loyal, faithful, loving, playful… and yes, muscular dogs. They are lovers of humans and other animals too, if raised in a loving environment with playful, loving socialization. They are Not hunters, they love playing ball, swimming, running bike side, tug of war rope play, car rides, quietly sitting by your side, cuddles, the list goes on, etc… they are Wonderful Friends! You can’t find a more faithful, protective companion, a true cuddle buddy to the end! Amazingly, they hate violence, which is part of the reason they defend so fiercely. I would give my own life to protect my dogs and they would do the same for me, but no dog is more protective or hates violence more than my American Staffordshire did. She was my most loyal, loving soul mate to the bitter end. There is no amount of money in the world worth more than the love and joyful years and times spent with my Sweetest Girl. I Love You forever Lexi Girl! RIP… Lexus, and to You as well Sweet Lucas… keep each other company until I get there to play again!
    A human with a dark soul like Michael Vick can never be trusted with animals, his core is evil and that does not change. Hate & greed are his Masters, Love is not known by him, any form of love he claims to possess is a distorted mix of emotions based on dominance, greed and jealousy. Mike Vick should be banned for life form Ever having another animal! I immediately gave up my home team, “The Eagles”- when they took on Vick! No amount of money, love of sport, or team loyalty can come before the precious and beautiful lives of our most valuable GOD given Gift… our loving animals and particularly our Best Friends- “Our Dogs”.
    The Eagles should go down along with the dreadful choice they made!

    • everything you say is true, except one. a pit is a hunter. not in the traditional sense of say, a bird dog, but they are VERY prey driven. if it moves, they chase it. they are phenomenal hunters of vermin such as rats, and mice.
      one of mine sat for 6 hours in front of a wash machine on my back deck in texas, until my husband forced her inside and found a huge king snake in the thing, between the outside wall of it and the inside tub. even after he moved the snake to safety, she checked it every day for weeks, to be sure it wasnt there any more…or maybe to see if it was back. i have no doubt she would have tried to bring it down if she had ever seen it.
      all of them hunted cicadas in texas as well. in montana, my snake hunter sits at the bottom of trees, with the idea to get the squirrels or magpies, if they come down, and all three have gotten squirrels in the yard at one time or another. the snake hunter has attempted to climb the trees and all branches under 6 feet have been removed so she cant get up in the tree, because she has gone up, and then jumped back into the yard from move than 8 feet up.
      they are not the only terriers to do this…in fact, terriers were bred to hunt and kill vermin…and they are tenacious in this regard. this is not a flaw in them, it is a fact.
      this being said, they are also as you say, such curious beings and so loving with humans. they are award winning cuddle bugs, and make great therapy dogs. the snake hunter is absolutely convincing as a reading companion for children…sitting quietly, her eyes never leaving theirs as she listens without judgment while they try to do what is so difficult for them. they usually only ask the first time they see her what happened to her, because she is terribly scarred from being a “bait dog” before she was rescued. after that, and my answer that mean people hurt her before i got her, they dont ask again, and they ask for her at the library all the time. she is a tiny one, able to sit in the laps of bigger children, or with her paws and face resting on the laps of smaller children as they show her the pictures in their book.
      when i was small, we had one as a family pet. she was at the park with us, and my dad was pushing one of those flat disk like merry go rounds with my little sister on it. he was pushing it very fast, as she loved it….and she also liked to scream going around like that. i hated this, so never did it. but my sister was crazy for it. Elfie was sitting next to me on the swings, when my sister’s screams became real. she instantly knew the difference, and before my father was able to even slow the thing down, Elfie was in action. I swear her feet had not touched the ground, so fast she was running, and she leapt from more than 4 feet away for the thing, and had my sister by the back of her pants and off that merry go round before it was stopped. somehow, my sister had careened into some bees! they were in her hair, and her clothes, and she was stung several times. Elfie was snapping up bees, and was stung in the face many times before all was over. she sat in the car, while my sister was in the hospital ER before we could get her to the vet. by the time we had her there, her eyes were swollen shut and her muzzle was twice its normal size. still, on the way to the vet…she nuzzled and licked my sister. no cell phones back then, and none my father could call to come get her to the vet while we were at the hospital. only my gramma, who didnt drive.
      pit bulls….there is no substitute! i will live with at least one, and likely more, for the rest of my life and thank the creator every day for the gift of them

  183. Your letter brought tears of sadness and tears of joy to my eyes. RIP Lucas, you magnificent creature. ROT IN HELL, MR VICK.

  184. Michael Dick did NOT create Lucas! GOD did! This animal abuser doesn’t care about Lucas. And, he definitely does NOT deserve a letter, or anything else except PRISON where he belongs!!!

  185. Victoria LeRiche

    My heart aches for your loss. I am amazed at the job you did to give Lucas a truly love filled rest of his life. As for Michael Vick you owe him nothing. He does not deserve your story. We love it though! He will never change the Vick because he would have dedicated time to shut theses horrific dog fighting rings down. He probably still profits from them! I will never forgive a guy who had more than others and still found away to have even more at the cost of lives!! Keep up your work to educate others on the crimes these heartless sickos commit . My youngest son passed June 17 2009 my mother June 18 1978 and now Lucas June 19 1013 I won’t forget ever!! My deepest sympathies to Lucas’ family xo

  186. Vick’s kids should not be allowed to have a dog. Not because they deserve any kind of punishment, but so that they can grow up realising their father was a heartless soul. That their right to own a dog was denied because of his actions.

  187. So sad that this pup had to suffer the way he did. I’m glad to hear he was finally loved by such compassionate people. May he rest in peace.

  188. Mike Vick is a monster, a beast, nothing but a broken, heartless thing. Thank God he was caught, and the beautiful animals he tortured got to know love. Mike Vick doesn’t ever deserve to see the light of day. I cannot believe he was allowed to own another dog, or any living creature for that matter.

  189. Your words were Wonderful if I read them as a tribute to Lucas, but you’re a much bigger person than I could ever be! No, he won’t loose any sleep, but I will Never Forgive what he and all those that put defenseless animals, trying to make their sick owners happy, through. Nor will I ever forget.

  190. I am not half the person you are to forgive this disgusting rotten scum of the earth for anything. My only wish is that everyday and every minute of sick vicks life he is haunted by the pain, suffering and agony each and everyone of these precious babies went through. No matter what sick vick does it could never make up for the torture he administered or had done to these angels and I hope sick vick rots in the fires of hell for all eternity.

  191. Mike should had never been allowed to ever own another dog for all the pain and suffering he caused on those poor pit bulls! Mike, you are nothing but a monster and always will be, you are not sorry, you are sorry that you got caught! I have know use for scum bags like you, and I hope on judgement day the good Lord will send you to Hell for eternally for you will feel pain forever and ever, you deserve no less then that!

  192. This piece of scum has children? They will grow up with the same values as their father – they need help now!

  193. This is very touching and it makes me hate Michael Vick even more!!! I cant believe that he can have a dog, he is such an embarrassment and I hope people never forget what a monster he is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  194. Barbara Holmes

    I truly believe, especially since these stories of dog fighting and animal cruelty are becoming such an issue, that there should be a website generated much like the Megan’s Law one where any and all animals abusers are mandated to register on the website and all shelters, rescues, breeders, pet shops, etc should be required to run people’s names, birth dates, and ssn to check if someone is competent enough to own an animal. In the event someone is red flagged then they should be denied the PRIVILEGE of owning an animal. This is the politest idea I can think of to better such a horrific and disgusting act us humans are capable of. If we don’t step up and do something who will? My only other option is to line up every animal offender and execute them. Back in the old days if you stole someone’s horse you were shot for it and you didn’t steal anymore. When can we go back to this? I can’t stand the fact that offender’s have more rights then the victims and in this case, the victims can’t even voice their hurt. Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. These stories tear and jerk at the strings on my heart. i just recused an abuser and abandoned Pitt Bull from GA yesterday and he traveled the whole way to PA to his furever home. He’s nothing short of a complete love bug and just wants someone to want him, love him, and enjoy him like he enjoys people. He will never again wonder if anyone will save him and he is finally home!!!! We should all keep in mind that God backwards is Dog. Something to think about.

  195. Molly & Jackson's Mommy

    I will never forgive Michael Vick… I hate him for his greed, the callous and inhumane way he treated all the helpless animals he killed for money. I know he said his paid his dues… really? but what about the countless dogs who had to die so you and your friends can make money… oh that was for entertainment? go watch tv or something… No I will never forgive him, neither will my husband and daughter… and everyone who i will have to argue with if anyone decides to take your side in my presence….

  196. Linda Cleveland

    I won’t even watch his football team. I can’t believe they let him play football after what he did. Those poor animals. I am so angry with Michael Vick. I will never watch him or his team again. And believe it or not there are a lot of people that feel that way.

  197. Human serial killers have been treated better. You can’t forgive Michael Vick? Really!!! Get over yourselves and your other issues. Im so glad that God’s way are not our ways.

    • Your a f*cking IDIOT!! Apparently you better go back and read some facts as to what he did to these innocent animals! He even STARVED a parrot to DEATH! No way in hell, did his punishment come close to fitting all his crimes! HELL was made for the worthless pieces of sh*t like him! And after the stupid comment that you made, you probably belong there also!

  198. Vick hope you rot and have a painful death! Hope you rot before you die! Scumbag!

  199. yeah. you’ve disturbed me…. i cannot for the life of me figure out why you are trying to be nice to him or say thanks. monsters are always gonna be monsters.

  200. Marianne Lappas

    Anyone that could be as heartless as him to drown electrocute etc can never change. He has no feelings period. That is something that is inbred in him. People who don’t even like animals could never do what he did. When you hear a creature crying in pain could you stand there and watch I couldn’t. If I am anywhere and a TV has sports with him playing I leave, or tell the store manager it offends me. If everyone boycott the products that sponsored him he would be no more. Problem is no one sticks together. Money and sports is more important then morality to some.What a terrible example we are showing our children. They should have never allowed him to play in sports again. They are rewarding a murderer plain and simple.

  201. Jerry Billington

    Michael Vick has no damn heart and probably never knew how loving his dogs could be!! That sack of shit should never be able to get another animal for long as he lives!! I think it should of been a eye for an eye and then justice would have been served !! Where are the pics of the new puppy ? People like him is a DISGRACE TO MANKIND !!!!

  202. My eyes are wet with tears but I see Lucas getting love for the first time and getting to experience all the things your pictures depict…..God bless you for loving that dog, all of you….No doubt he went over the rainbow bridge feeling loved, instead of feeling used for money and to bring pain and suffering……Michael Vick still has to face our God one day….Maybe Lucas will have a say in God’s decision…….

  203. Well I get a smile on my face, knowing he is layed up at home with 2 broken legs, no fault of his own. Maybe he will think of the pain he put those babies through making them fight. I don’t like him and to think he use to be my nephew’s favorite football player….not anymore. I hope you are suffering with your legs…sorry so cold, but I love animals and he could care less about them….unless they are making him money, I want to see his new dog…I hope someone is keeping tabs onhim, what a POS…

    • mary, if you refer to the internet story that both his legs were broken in a car accident…it is not true. check the snopes web site…its an urban legend…and while some feel it would be justice…there has been no justice for the murdered dogs. there could be punishment…but that is not the same

  204. Matthew 6:14 people! I don’t agree with what he did, and I don’t think he deserved to have another pet for his children, but my goodness there are some nasty comments on here. Wishing harm to others does not make us better than the one who first commented the harm.

  205. Beautifully written. Pathetically, even if Vick were to start reading this awesome letter, he’d stop almost immediately, coward that he is, & what he had read would of had no effect on him. Sociopaths have no conscience. Although my heart is so heavy about his passing, I am happy precious Lucas found a loving family before going over the Rainbow Bridge. RIP brave boy.

  206. Vick is a prick – can’t change that!

  207. I don’t think Michael Vick was punished severely enough. Crimes against dogs, these unconditionally loving beings, need to be tougher. All that thug wants is more money, more fame, and greed!

  208. karma, may vick burn in hell

  209. Michael Vick deserves to die a LONG, EXCRUCIATING, HORRIFIC death!

    • Bette-Ann Libin


      • well, ya…cept then we need to dig him up and do it about….oh….maybe a hundred times….that about how many dogs he killed…including them that died fighting…or maybe 200? problem i see there is we couldnt revive him in between.

  210. Rest in peace, sweet Lucas. You finally have the calm that you deserved. I hope to see you at The Bridge some day. My heart breaks for you, but I know you’re in a better place. Run free and play, just like you should have been able to do in your life here on Earth. β™₯β™‘β™₯

  211. DeChantel gherlone

    Like you would care at all. You are inhuman.

  212. First of all who the hell let him keep his kids let alone an animal? Serial killers start off as animal abusers! In my opinion, he should not have his children, animals or the capacity to reproduce! Sick SOB! I hope he suffers before his last breaths!

  213. A man like him should be punish!!!!

  214. I would luv to run into him one day…. Ohhhhhhhhhh the things I would luv to do to him!!!!!!! Let him carry a few scars see how he likes it!!! Moron should be dead not this poor beautiful dog

  215. I can’t believe there are so many people here that are not willing to forgive Michael Vick. I’m not talking about forgetting, but forgiving. I’m willing to bet that none of you have done anything close to what he’s done, but we all have made mistakes, God knows I have. It just saddens me because it appears no one here believes in second chances. If that is the case then I fear for all if us.

    • Bette-Ann Libin

      I can not believe my eyes, what planet are you on? Forgiveness does not come freely, it is earned, Mr. Vick (and Nike for that matter) have demonstrated no such moral conscience.

      • sorry…i gotta weigh in with bette-ann….forgiveness is something one works for, or at least shows remorse in order to achieve. i see no such in any of vicks public expression…and it is the public’s forgiveness we are discussing yes?
        so try this…go pick up the remains at just one dog fight…or imagine yourself putting battery cables on a dogs ears, hooking that to a battery and throwing it in a pool…then tell me just what you would expect to need to do to attain public forgiveness. and see if he has done it. then come back and tell me to forgive.
        cuz i have picked up the broken bodies, and those not yet dead…and i’ve healed them. without any money from vick. i have lived with the culture he espoused…and those who looked up to him for it.
        good luck

      • Bette-Ann Libin

        My heart goes out to you! My ten (10) abused, battered, baited, neglected, tormented, tortured, starved, left for dead dogs including America’s one and only American Pit Bull Terrier stand beside you…our newest arrival with eleven (11) minutes to go before being PTS in a high kill shelter in the South just arrived…All paws up, we collectively and independently applaud your work. How on earth do you do it?

      • dear bette-ann,

        i carry a huge box of kleenex and i keep my eyes on the prize of saving just one more. i once read a story of a woman who took dogs with terminal illness from shelters and gave them just one week, or one month…whatever their poor bodies could bear…of love and a home. and when they died, she was with them…and so i said if she could do that, i could as well.

        it was when my husband was stationed in texas that i really grew into this. before that i rescued dogs…all kinds here and there…but once in texas…it became pit bulls only…and from strays to shelter dogs…to fighters. at first i just took the fighters from the ones that people dumped, or others brought me….but before long i was in a guerrilla war with the fighters in the neighborhood around where i lived. i cut fences, climbed fences, pulled boards off fences and stole dogs.

        then i got real serious, and started driving my big truck into the wooded areas where the fights were. i put huge lights on it, spot lights and all. i drove like a crazy woman…and scared the be-jesus outta those cowards. i started confronting them on the streets by day and raiding fights at night. i made it so damn difficult for them…that they moved off the streets around me and then moved their fights. and i followed them…my husband was freaked out by what i was doing…was sure they would end up killing me…but…to his credit…he never tried to stop me.

        and thank the creator that we are both medically minded, and he had combat life saver training…cuz we were challenged with a lot of very wounded dogs. we had a cooperative vet, who taught us a great deal and let us bring dogs at all hours of he day or night…and pay when we could. he also let us take home dogs that other vets would never do…but when i told him that unless he was putting staff on 24/7 so my babies didnt die alone, if they had to die….they were coming home with me…he taught me what i needed to know…to restart IV lines, manage airways with tubes, flush and drain wounds, tube feed, debride wounds, change dressings, manage catheter tubes and push IV meds. i’ve always been around medical stuff with people… and blood, guts and gore with folk doesnt faze me…but dogs….different story. i learned to do it…through tears, with snot running down my face…hands shaking….but i learned.

        and as i learned, i came to despise humans for this more and more.

        i’ve learned to raise funds on internet for my rescued babies, to talk trainers out of hours of paid time donated to my rescues, and drive 3 states to get a fur-baby a good home. i’ve learned to network with hundreds of people at $5 each for gas $ to get a fur-baby to safety, with money to spare for new bed, toys, crate and leash for a good adopter. i learned to makes newsletters to share with my fosters and adopters, to show out (as they say in texas) the great work they did with these wonderful dogs as they healed.

        i’ve learned to look past the scars, the 3 legs, the ears ripped off raggedly at the head in a fight or cut off with scissors, the one eye, and even one who lost both eyes and a good chunk of his nose…to see the soul within…and in all this time…now close to 13 years….i have met only one dog so damaged in temperament that she could not be saved.

        i have tracked dogs who have crawled off to die after a fight, taken their bodies for cremation, but saved many more of them. and in all of it…i never regretted anything except for the reason i am called to do it….because try as i might to escape it….i belong to the species that perpetrates this hell.

        it comes down to what some do…i am called to undo. and although i have begged the creator to release me, to render me somehow indifferent to this horror when i think i can no longer bear it….each time i reach that point…the creator sends me another angel fur-baby who becomes a dog of my heart….a wounded warrior with the courage to heal and to love…and so i find the strength to go on.

        i watch a child who struggles to learn to read…reading a story to my battered littlest fur-baby girl, never caring about her torn ears, scarred face and chest…only caring that she listens intently, eyes on their faces, looking at the pictures they show her, snuggling in a bean bag chair….and i know…this is the face of love…and she will make a difference to that child…about books and about pitties and there will be one more child who can carry on.

        drops become trickles, that become creeks, and then rivers…and i will change this thing…or die trying.

        that’s how i do it.

        thanks for asking.

  216. Michael Vick. I’d completely forgotten about that POS. Guess I was hoping someone had strung him up or stuck a hot wire up his ass. Reap was you sow, you know……

  217. What nimrod allowed Michael Vick to bring another dog into his home???

  218. First of all may I just say, the heart warming story just about brought a year to my eye…

    As I thought back to what had happened regarding the whole Vick ordeal, I think back and ask myself if I would be able to to forgive Michael Vick for what he did and…no, mono would not.

    It’s sad to hear what happened to Lucas due to Vick’s abuse and mistreatment; if he would have treated him with love, care and respect, maybe…just maybe…he’d still be with us today.

    RIP Lucas…I would have loved to have the privilege to have known you but I’m sure ill bump into you upstairs. Take care little buddy.

  219. Michael Vick I hope you rot in hell for what you did to any living being. But you continue to live the high life playing football once again. Did you once think to pay for the upkeep of your dogs after they were rescued from your HELL on earth? You will always be one of the biggest POS going. No matter what good you do in your life. But I don’t really think you would ever even try to redeem yourself. Just the picture of goodness in the public eye. YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

  220. How the HELL was he allowed to get another dog. Too bad if his kids wanted a dog, he should be banned for life. The Doug’s happiness & welfare are more important than his kids’ wants.

  221. Sue VerSchneider

    Thank you for taking care of one of Gods children. My family and I live in the Vick area of Va. I will never think of his with anything but complete disgust. People I work with can forgive him I can not. I have adopted 1 dog who was taken in by a single mom with 5 kids because she couldn’t handle seeing how the runt was being abused. Even knowing she wouldn’t be able to afford to keep the puppy. Misha is 12 now. Next came my beloved Rusty who we adopted from the SPCA. We were his 5 and forever home in his short. 3 years. He went blind and was a diabetic before going into renal failure at the age of 10. He was my baby shots twice a day special monitored diet. My heart died a little the day he died. And then came Koda another SPCA baby. The 3 dogs are my 4 legged children. Just as much love for them as our 2 legged children. Thank you again for giving Lucas a little comfort love and affection after all he had endured.

  222. So much venom for a man who fought dogs, but where is this vitriol when babies are murdered, molested, raped, beaten, and tortured? I love animals and have lots of them, but I think we should be a little more worried about the vulnerable members of our own species.

  223. I cannot believe this disgraceful excuse for a human being was allowed to get another dog- he shouldn’t even be allowed to have kids! he should have rotted in jail. I hope karma visits upon him a hundred fold.

  224. He has been allowed to have another dog???!!! Who was so crazy to let this happen? These people are serial, they DO NOT change. They might fake they do, for their own convenience. How can there be an effective control over his actions towards this poor animal who is in his hands 24hrs a day?

  225. first off you all need to chill he is trying to turn himself around and it is not easy with everyone telling him he is a bad person yea he did wrong but he is trying to turn himself around

    • chris m,

      he didn’t just forget to mail the rent.

      he hung dogs, he electrocuted them, he drowned them, he eviscerated them, and he fought them. there is little redemption for that. they only way would be to personally and publically request forgiveness from each of the survivors and to pay any an all of their expenses until they die. and he doesn’t do it. being a dancing bear for the HSUS doesn’t do it.

      the disease that killed Lucus could have been prevented with a medication that costs about $50-$80 for a 6 month treatment. but because Vick did not value Lucus as anything more than meat in the fighting ring, he never bothered to get him the meds. Lucas is not the only Vicktory dog to have babesia. Each time they flare up it costs over $1000.00 to treat. eventually, it will kill all who have it. and Vick isn’t writing those checks.

      you say he is trying to turn himself around— what evidence do you have of that?

  226. Rothy- it is elegantgypsy from pitbulls4peace. i would like to email with you. i tried to reach the facebook contact you provided above, but seems to not work. please email me.



  227. I think Michel Vick should be put to death. He’s a perfect example of the lousy people in the world who cause terrible pain for their own pleasure. If I had my way, I’d make him pay, dirt bastard.

  228. I have and never will watch an Eagles game as long as he is on that team.

  229. For those that would forgive Vick, would you forgive a man that tortured and murdered dozens of toddlers? Dog lovers know there is no difference in the level of emotions and feelings that dogs have compared to humans, and now there is scientific evidence to show it is true.

  230. How can u show such compassion for animals & none for a human being people do change.


    rothy- you wanted information on the truth about the United States Humane Society, and the fact that they are not here to support our pets. here you go.

    and a quote for those who might like a preview:

    “One of the biggest scams in US history is conning people into believing their donated funds are being used/invested as intended and advertised. The marketing campaign by the HSUS is no different. Less than 1% of the $130 million yearly budget from donations, which good people send to HSUS in order to save abandoned animals, goes to local pet shelters to save these animals. Instead the HSUS has socked away more than $17 million dollars in its own pension fund. CEO, Wayne Pacelle, and HSUS are now spending these monies for their defense in court over a racketeering lawsuit. Well paid lawyers, lobbyists, and the HSUS pension fund are all supported by donations intended for shelter animals which never reach the animals. If nothing else in this article means anything to you, please give to your local no-kill shelters directly, rather than giving to HSUS.”

  232. Thank you Best Friends for the quality and very humane time, that you provided for Lucas’s last days on Earth. He and others, never deserved the horrific and tortorous lifestyle that they found themselves in, “It was shamefully inhumane and demonically brutal to do to someone so innocent”. Michael Vick and his sick companions, should have been sentenced to death for all the deaths and torture that was inflicked upon these innocent and beautiful creations of God. He should not have been allowed to own another animal for the rest of his life. He has no empathy and cannot love anyone other than himself. He should not even have been allowed to keep his children. His time spent in prison was nothing, it provided him with food, a rooof over his head, and his job once he got out. He didn’t really care what he had done, if he could kill them as he did, he certainly didn’t care that they were gone. Just look as the pictures of the dead dogs, they were mutilated, electrocuted, shot, and fought hard with absolutely no mercy. Vick’s and his buddies in crime, should have be sent to their death with NO MERCY. No more foodball, no more family, no more future pets to torture, no more fame and fortune. That would have been the proper punishment for this DEMONIC EARTHLY MONSTER.

  233. Thank you so much for your love n kindness for lucas n all others. People like you are our blessing. I thank you,my gypsy,my deuce,and my new molly also thank you. Just know people like you,me so many others will never stop the fight to end the abuse of any living creature. I will hold my babies tightet tonight and assure them mommy loves n will protect them with het last breath. God bless you and every other person who has n will continue to love ,honor ,and cherish these beautiful animals god has blessed us with. THANK YOU ALL.

  234. Hmm is anyone else experiencing problems with the
    images on this blog loading? I’m trying to find out if
    its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog. Any
    responses would be greatly appreciated.

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  236. Yes! Finally something about blogroll.

  237. People keep telling me to forgive I say NOT MY JOB What he did! was too much He took a plea deal, he threw his cousins under the bus. He had the best lawyer and PR guy So of course he did not go to jail for the actual killing and slaughtering of his dogs The vile methods he used is very telling! His present wife – who at the time had called VA police a few times! why? because he was threatening her and beating her ass. Yet she married him!@ Did he ever / ever ask about the dogs? at Best Friends NO NO NO NO NO NO.
    TO those who say forgive I again say Sorry no can do To one cousin is a true ass I say NO BITCH I WILL NOT GET OVER IT. He is a psychopath Now should he ever kill a person Perhaps then she will get it ! people who murder and slaughter animals (pets) need to be put in jail and they need psychologist to find out if they can be saved. just because he can sort of play football? he can work But he should not have been allowed back in the NFL.
    His uncle told him to stop in 2002 and and court documents his reply was they are just dogs who cares… As to Steve Harvey and Chris Rocks response they are both full of shit as well.

    • Hahahhaa! Awesome! Love this comment Sybil! Sorry everyone, but I do. I love my passionate and bold animal advocates! You are all stars in my eyes. πŸ™‚

      • Thanks This rant from me was prompted by an article in a Buffalo newspaper about how people still lining up to protest him in Upstate NY,. When I saw the article I just got upset all over again…. My issue has always been WHY DID THEY ALLOW IN BACK IN THE NFL?

    • Fav comment to date: “NO BITCH I WILL NOT GET OVER IT”

  238. I blog frequently and I truly thank you for your information.
    This great article has really peaked my interest. I will bookmark your site and
    keep checking for new details about once per week. I
    opted in for your RSS feed as well.

  239. Rothy,
    I think I left you a post on a different thread, should have been on this one. Another Victory dog is preparing to pass. Hector, gentle brave boy is walking his last days, his family is saying their good byes and sharing his story with the world. I got a picture of him on Facebook, wearing a sign that reads Vick 2 – Hector 7 – I Win! And so he did….go with god, gentle brave boy. What a Vicktory you achieved.

    • How sad for this awesome dog to be leaving us. I hope the later part of his life was 100000% better than before. Kisses to him him and safe passage we love him

      • The later part of his life was wonderful. Hector spent 7 years with a wonderful family, became a therapy dog and was loved very much. His family has made the decision to send him over the bridge because he has cancer and his good days were outnumbered by the ones he was sick and in pain. He is with the angels.

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